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Cake Pans

Posted Sunday, January 9, 2011, at 9:21 AM

With the new year in full swing, at least our household is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the family sometime in February.

Just yesterday the last of the baby showers was held and was a fun event. Younger daughter had put herself in charge of the cake and etc for the event and she wanted to something special her elder sister. On a shopping trip last week, the primary mission had been find all the foo-foo stuff for the food, decorations and what have you.

I do have to give Hubby credit for being a very involved dad when it has come to raising the girls. Loyal readers will remember he went wedding dress shopping and had gone prom dress shopping with his girls even if he was listening to a ball game on the ear phone radio. He was there and offered input.

He was involved in the shopping for this event as well. However, he wasn't quite as enthused as he normally is. Younger daughter was in heaven shopping in the baby shower aisle at Michael's. She was finding all sorts of this and that and her creativity was in high gear. We knew his patience with the shopping mission of the day was over when it came to picking a cake pan. Younger daughter wanted make her sister a special cake. Which she just knew required a special design cake pan. She was contemplating this pan and that pan. The creative processes in our family tends to takes much verbalizing back and forth, Hubby finally said, "wouldn't it be cheaper just to order a cake?"

Oops, not the thing to say in the middle of the creative process. I probably had the stronger reaction because I whipped around and shot him the 'look'. You know, the over -the-glasses tilt of the head look.

The look that should indicate that the last comment, which cannot be retracted, is better not repeated. (And in all fairness, he did have a point because it would have been more cost effective to order a cake.)

Still in 'look' mode, I stated that perhaps it would be but that is NOT the point here. With that, the soon-to-be grandpa knew it was best to just walk away. And that he did. He went over to the other side of store because he knows all his women well enough to know that this was a mission that was going to be completed come hell or high water.

Mission was accomplished. Cake pan in the shape of a baby carriage was selected and purchased. Cake spray color, and decorations to match the color preference of the shower honoree were added. Extra bonus was an in-store coupon at check out. Next stop, the grocery store for cake mix and frosting.

For the shower, the cake was baked, transported and decorated and was a hit with the mom-to-be. She was the only opinion that truly mattered. She had her lavender color icing to match her nursery's color scheme and her special cake. While there may have been a question at first about the need for a special pan, that question was answered with the smiles and hugs between the sisters and their dad.

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Nice article Betsy

I will think of this story every time my wife bakes a cake - or I buy one at the store.


-- Posted by Geezer on Sun, Jan 9, 2011, at 12:48 PM

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