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Sister Wives

Posted Sunday, October 17, 2010, at 12:16 PM

TLC is the cable network that masters television series highlighting unique family situations. (Jon and Kate etc.) Their reality shows show the families in their everyday lives but then they also intertwine 'couch' segments. These are when the participants either in a group or individually answer questions. Now we very rarely ever see or hear the questions, but the film editors do a good job of intertwining the material so you have a guess as to what was asked.

One of the new shows this season is "Sister Wives". This highlights a family of polygamists. This group has been together for years and the new show starts with the man wanting to add another 'wife' to the mix. This is a guy with three wives and thirteen kids who is adding a fourth wife who already has kids of her own.

Now, before someone jumps on me about condoning this, I don't. It is illegal and there is a certain weirdness to the lifestyle for a variety of reasons.

I got sucked into the show more out of curiosity than anything. Now in visiting with other friends, I found out I wasn't the only one who started watching out of curiosity. Even Oprah, the queen of the daytime talk show, had them as guests on her show recently.

I even went to the TLC website and looked at the message boards for the show. There were others that had similar questions and opinions on the subject. Like most message boards that let you have screen names, there are those who rant or rave but then there are some legitimate questions or concerns about the participants.

While it is difficult not to have an opinion about the subject or show, I will state I don't get the lifestyle.

I don't understand it at all. However I can't quite put my finger on why I will continue to watch except to say it is weirdly fascinating in a odd way.

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Your family is a inspiration to me. The love and bond you share is something that radiates from all of you. Why would anyone challenge something so beautiful. If people feel the need to be involved in a cause it should be in one that needs repair maybe helping a single parent struggling financially or sheltering a family displaced by domestic violence. The truely sadest part to think of is that the people who are the most vocally critical are raising their children in a completely dysfunctional enviroment. Will our society ever evolve to the point where we look for the good and have compassion and respect for each other?

-- Posted by ganstaprincess on Mon, Mar 14, 2011, at 12:22 AM

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