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Meet Bella

Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2010, at 10:49 AM

This week's blog has a 'guest' writer.

Hello. My name is Bella. Bella Vista. I was born in Aurora, Nebraska back in 1998. I moved to Indianola shortly afterwards and have resided there ever since.

I am a big girl. I have older, smaller family members out in the world but I love my size. Outwardly, I have a few blemishes on my outside. I am very comfortable on the inside.

The reason I am writing today, is my people need to find me another place to live. My people weren't able to take my with them because I am a big girl. There new place doesn't have a park big enough. Sigh.

My people and a help of their real estate friends have been trying to find new people for me. However they have come to the realization for me to be happy, that it may be time to find new people to love me and move me to a different town or location.

While I am a little sad at the thought of leaving the mulberry bushes and cedar trees behind, I am looking forward to a new adventure. Maybe there is a family that has there own land that would love to have my live with them. Maybe there is a family that likes to go to the lake and has a place to park me so they can have fun over the summer. Perhaps someone needs me to house hunters in the fall. I don't know but my options are open at this point. I am even open to moving out of state if need be.

Oh, you might need to know why my insides are comfortable. I have very good insulation. I have three bedrooms, two baths, central heat/AC. I also have a built in hutch in the kitchen area. My people had to leave the entertainment center when they moved so I have one of those. The master bath also has a garden tub. The main bath has a tub/shower combination.

My outsides measure 16' by 80' so that is why I am the one of the bigger 'singles'. Little lots would be difficult for someone to park me on.

I am hopeful there is someone out there that needs me. My people need someone to need me soon too.

If you are interested in meeting me, my people or the real estate people will get you details.

Thanks for listening to me and I am hopeful there is someone out there who needs me as much as I need them. Sincerely, Bella

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