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Madness and Mayhem

Posted Saturday, August 14, 2010, at 9:32 AM

When I was shopping this last weekend, the school supply aisle was jammed packed. I even commented out loud "thank goodness I don't have to fight for school supplies."

There were too many carts and moms and dads and kids all trying to get the 'perfect' notebook, pencil case or folders. Actually they were most likely just trying to find the supplies listed on their 'required' lists. Wouldn't it be great if there were separate aisles for elementary, middle school and high school supplies instead of one aisle and end cap stuck between the Fourth of July clearance and the Christmas decorations?

Despite wanting to purchase items to donate to the local back to school drive, I got out of there as fast as my pudgy legs would waddle. It was like the fight or flight reflex. I chose to flee. I just could not bring myself to dive into the supply purchasing madness. To me, it is similar to not wanting any part of the Black Friday shopping experiences.

When the girls were in high school and especially college, they had to shop for their own supplies. They were old enough to shop for their books, notebooks, backpacks themselves. Besides, my taste in such items probably wasn't cool enough anyway, so why fight it. When they went to college, it was easier to purchase those supplies in K-town. By not having to pack and haul notebooks, they could save packing room for more important and essential things -- shoes and such.

I am going to cut this short, I have to conserve my energy to try and conquer the supply aisle again this weekend. With the school year beginning this week, I need to conquer my fear of being run over by the frenzied or harried mob. Wish me luck. All I really need to do is purchase some crayons or colored markers to donate to the little kiddos.

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