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Posted Sunday, July 4, 2010, at 8:34 AM

Summertime equates to fun at the local swimming pool. That is indeed the case for the majority of kids and some adults. Now for some adults, me included, the thought of the going to the pool is well, daunting to say the least.

For me, the issue isn't so much that I don't like the pool, it was a matter of finding a swimming suit at the 'tent and awning' store. Plus, the suit cannot cost as much as the national debt.

I really wasn't set to even look for a suit. However younger daughter was going to be teaching water aerobics and stated, no demanded, that Hubby and I participate.

Drat, then I had to get a suit. Drat, drat, drat. If it is one thing I have learned is that once the younger daughter sets her mind to something, I knew I was had.

Now, the other issue besides price is finding a suit that covered up as much as the possible. I was thinking the gals of the early 1900's had it right but what do I know.

While younger daughter was on a mission, I drug my feet. I whined. I complained. I tried about every excuse there was NOT to have to look for a suit. Lo and behold, the clothing buyers at Sears actually had a huge (okay that is funny) selection of suits. After more whining and complaining, I did find a suit and it was on sale.

Ughhhh, drat, drat, drat. The other suit issue is well, support. Support of the cleavage so to speak.

Now, women with less than a C cup don't usually seem to have a support issue but being pleasantly plump has its own issues. The next issue was a sports bra for additional binding. Well, I thought I would surely win this one because I needed support of 'industrial' strength. I just knew there was no way to find what I needed actually in a store. There is also the challenge that gravity plays on the cleavage area toward middle age, as they tend to droop to the navel. Support is needed because aerobics tends to have the participants bouncing and I didn't need to be spalooshing anymore than needed.

Drat, drat, drat, those danged clothing buyers at Target actually had industrial strength sports bras on the shelves.

The day of class arrived. Again I whined, complained, almost stomped my feet but good grief, I had to give in.

Drat, drat, drat. We had to get hand floaties at class. These are triangular shaped gadgets that will float on the surface but give additional underwater resistance to the exercises.

We jogged, side twisted, swept in, swept out, side kicked, jumping jacks, bicycle kicked, punched in and out and jogged some more.

Drat, drat, drat, class was not bad except when the instructor would call me out. "Mom you are not doing those right, extend your arms."

Drat, can't get away with anything but at least the spalooshing was kept to a minimum thanks to the danged women's clothing buyers at Sears and Target.

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