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Soap Suds

Posted Sunday, June 6, 2010, at 5:54 PM

Admittedly, my only hobby currently is watching TV. Since I have fallen into the rut of work, home, work, home I flip through the channels most evenings trying to find a show to watch.

Now I am not stating that cable networks aren't producing decent shows, I am a middle-aged creature of habit who does watch CBS, NBC and ABC for the majority of the shows. Now, I will watch cable for other things and admittedly, my newest clicker channel is SoapNet.

Yes, I grew up in the early days of Erica Kane probably during the first of the many marriages. I also learned to like Llanview during the Viki's many personalities because it fit the lunch hour I had scheduled at the time. Most recently have taken up the saga of the resident of Port Charles. I didn't venture to PC until the Luke and Laura days were semi-history.

SoapNet is brilliant for those of us who work during traditional soap opera times. SoapNet gives me and others of my kind a chance to catch up as much or as little as I have time for. I also get on line to catch up on the story lines as well.

Yes, I am a soap opera fan. Granted- sometimes- the story lines are outlandish -- okay most of the time. However, I just can't help myself most evenings if there isn't anything terribly interesting at 9 p.m. And to top it off, if I miss something, I can do weekend catch ups.

Granted, there are some good 'real' network shows on some evenings but for the most part I channel surf between Port Charles and the rest of the channels during commercials.

While some might think I need an intervention or even need to get a life, I will most likely keep watching because I have to see what other tom foolery those characters are up to. Besides, I really need to figure out how the heck Bradford Anderson can pull off some of his 'Spinelli' speeches with a straight face and the fact the writers need have Spinelli dump Maximista. Sonny and Carly need an intervention for being stupid parents and why in the heck can't Jax just find a 'nice' girl. (Easy answer -- nice is dull and boring.)

Have a great week and remember if you miss your shows and have access to cable -- SoapNet is nice place to zone out for a dose of soap suds.

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