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Appreciation List A-Z

Posted Sunday, February 14, 2010, at 11:24 AM

Here is today's appreciation list. While it may supercede the previous appreciation lists, the order

is always random and I take full responsibility for the contents of my appreciation list. :)

A. My family (Awwww. It is Valentines Day - plus they are my world.) and my friends

B. Crock pots - no, not crack pots - crock pots since they allow me not to screw up cooking roasts - beef or pork

C. Great customer service and being able to count back change

D. Great food, beverages and good service - all in under one roof

E. Our military and their families

F. Having a job

G. Learning something new

H. A good giggle

I. Great coffee

J. Guacamole

K. Artistic ability.

L. Athletic ability

M. Facebook

N. Paper towels in a size you can choose

O. Movies - excluding zombie and slasher

P. Voting

Q. Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask.com

R. Flower arrangements

S. Stripes that are vertical not horizontal

T. Salt and pepper grinders

U. Vinegar

V. Medical researchers

W. Maps

X. 24 hour businesses and the folks working the graveyard shifts.

Y. Perfume

Z. All the readers of this blog

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