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Jingle Bells and all that Jazz

Posted Monday, October 26, 2009, at 4:56 PM

For the musical ones in the family - after reading the title, they probably started singing the Christmasy Jingle Bells...... Jingle Bells.... and then I flipped it to ... and all that Jazz!

Thanks to the my friends who calendar watch, it is now just a tad shy of eight weeks until Christmas 2009. My married kids were trying to discuss this concept with us last time they visited. But to me, that was a long way off. I was not terribly engaged in trying to figure out the holidays. Several reasons for this but I just don't get terribly shook up one way or the other. Again- most likely the lack of the storied foo-foo gene. However, the exception might be in the number of Christmas ornaments currently in storage.

Digging out the tree and ornaments in the next few weeks starts a month or more of moaning and groaning from Hubby as he flips just a bit of attitude towards the number of ornaments placed on the tree. However, he can't say much as he now has his 'own' Hallmark tradition ornaments now.

The girls had their 'ornament tradition' started years ago. Older daughter went for the puppy series. Younger daughter went for Classic Cars. Hubby got his own fire truck ornament series. Those are always purchased in August or September to ensure their availability. Crazy - I know - for stuff that sits in a box eleven months of the year. LOL

I don't go for the series necessarily. Mine are probably all the rest of the variety of ornaments. You know the "mom" ornaments. The ones the girls made, or had their pictures on. The ones from the Sunday School kids, the ones purchased from the "crafty" friends. The ones that grandparents, who have passed, gave to the family each year. Yes, there are also Viking ornaments but those are Hubby's to deal with. He wants to keep them for "good". (Geez). There are the ones that reflect events such as school reunions. I also have some ornaments simply because they looked pretty in the box. I also have some ornaments that I purchased dirt cheap when they were on a Crazy Days bargain sale a summer or two ago.

Now, last year, I did bestow the keeping and displaying of Older Daughter's ornaments to her. She had her own traditions to build with Son-in-law as they forge their own journey in the joys of holiday harmonies. She did not realize the vast numbers she was dealing with. She wasn't too certain they were all hers, but I haven't had any returned at least that I know of. LOL

By giving up the guardianship of the ornaments, it just slightly diminished the number of ornament boxes utilized for storing the various shapes and sizes. I do think this year, I will have to be on the look out for more ornament storage containers because it is vitally important they are properly stored while they are in ornament hibernation. LOL

Hmmm... where is that Christmas CD? Okay - now I know I need an intervention.

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