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Rainbow Shoe Laces

Posted Wednesday, July 15, 2009, at 4:59 PM

On a recent mall crawl I made a purchase much to the chagrin of my children. I really should say adult children ....but I digress.

I made an impulse buy. Everyone of you reading this has made an impulse buy or some sort. My recent buy cost me $2.49.

I can't tell you the number of sports stores I have been into in the last 25 years. Most of the time, admittedly, my patience is about as long as a gnat's... life.....

But recently, I found shoe lace nirvana - in a sports store. There they were. The prettiest pair of rainbow colored tennis shoe laces. I knew the minute I saw them I had to purchase them. I picked them up and said rather loudly "Aren't those the coolest laces you have ever seen!!"

Well, my shopping 'buddy' was less enthused. But I decided I needed those laces. I was going to have those laces, the consequences be damned.

Okay, because I have learned to 'love' my plastic and the reward points, I did not have cash on me. (This is decidedly my PB's fault and you know who you are... LOL) My 'buddy' obliged with the necessary cash - partly to humor me and maybe to just get me to purchase those lovely laces and get the heck out of the store.

Admittedly, not necessarily cool to have the middle-aged spouse fawning over the shoe lace display.

I was so thrilled with my purchase I just had to show the kids. Let's just say there was absolutely, unequivocally, a definite lack of excitement what-so-ever for my laces. I was so excited I wanted to trade out the old ones, right there in the mall.

Oh no. I pretty much got the youngster scowl and so I had to put the laces away. However, later I prevailed. I traded out my laces and I walked out in public for everyone to see!! Haa haa haa.

I have the prettiest rainbow tennis shoe laces in town, even if I do say so myself.

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