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Posted Thursday, May 28, 2009, at 3:14 PM


What to blog... what to blog.. what to blog... I have had bloggers block for the past week or so, so I am venturing back by way of snippets of this and dashes of that.

Number One Nephew and the rest of the BHS award winning 21st Century Singers, are at Disney World performing this week. Pretty darn cool. Number One Nephew is a man of few words, so Babbling Aunt B will leave it at that. But I had better as least get a postcard.. LOL.

The weather over the holiday weekend was about as absolutely perfect as I have seen in years.

Friday evening, we walked through the local arboretum and walked around the lake. It was one of those perfectly lovely evenings with no wind, and the reflection on Stanton Lake was picture perfect. It was one of those evenings when the water was like glass and the trees and clouds were

mirror images in the water. Gorgeous.

There were little fisher-people with their kiddie poles and life vests on catching fish and getting so excited about that. One little girl was dragging her adult back to the water while hollering very loudly how AWESOME it was that her older brother caught at a fish. (I am not a fisherman but I know not to yell - but it was just their family in the one area - so it was just fine she was so verbally exuberant.)

Younger daughter began working at her summer job at the Aquatic Center. This is really a cool place, with a big water slide, water play areas, a splash pool and concession area. Just a bit different from working at Orscheln's last summer. It is full time summer employment and in this economy - yeah!!

Another State Track meet was in the books and hubby was able to attend and cheer on the Tiger qualifiers. Plus he had to bring home the requisite state track shirt - to add to the collection.

Younger daughter was also working on an on-line class for school. I am thinking that I would have LOVED on-line classes back in the stone ages.

However, I want to know were to get my SWNE lawn police certification and how much the class costs. I really would like to sign up and get the training and expertise to become a lawn inspector. Now I have put the tongue-back-in- the-cheek, one person's perception of what is good and great is not necessarily someone else's. A phone call would have cost what? But rest assured the situation will be remedied. It is too bad the attitude of some individuals can't be remedied.

We ate at Spangler's yesterday. It reminded the younger one and I of Gunther Toody's in Denver except there weren't any waitresses at Spangler's. It is a 50's style burger joint. While the food was okay, the atmosphere was fun. Red, black and white tile, chrome tables and red booths were very cool. Juke boxes and fifties era pictures ranging from the cool cars of the day to the celebrities we liberally scattered about. The minute you hit the door they shout out "Welcome to Spangler's". That will be my retirement job - a greeter at Spangler's. LOL That last little bit was for the benefit of some of my friends - and you know who you are. LOL

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HA HA Ha love it. You would be a great greeter probaly even get all 5's for it!! LOL

-- Posted by freedomfighter on Wed, Jun 3, 2009, at 11:42 AM

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