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Cake Pans

Posted Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at 9:26 AM

For those of you who like to dabble in the culinary arts, the purchasing of a cake pan most likely is like breathing. You can just go to a store and boom - buy a pan.

For the domestically challenged (of which I am the president, secretary/treasurer/ and parliamentarian of that support group.), the quest for a pan can be like having a root canal without novocaine. It is takes entirely too much good energy out of the day.

Most of you know, at some point you get "volunteered" to make a dessert for work, church, whatever. Okay, hubby volunteered to bring a dessert to work for their Easter staff dinner.

Translation - I get to make something. I figured cake - because I can't screw that up as long as my best baking buddy, Betty Crocker, is right there with me.

I also figured I needed to have a pan with a lid. Now somewhere I had a pan with a lid but by gummies, it was time for a new, pretty pan with a decent lid which fit on the pan.

The mission was simple - find a 13" by 9" pan with a lid. Seriously, I thought it would be a relatively simple quest. Good grief, was I wrong or what. Now, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would state that someone, somewhere was messing with my quest. However, realistically, I was probably more at the mercy of supply and demand and the fact if I didn't need the pan, there would have been a bunch on store shelves everywhere.

I went to several stores looking for a flipping pan with a lid. I could have just purchased the basic store variety pan without a lid and called it good. I would have purchased more aluminum foil or cling wrap and called it good. I could have even purchased a disposable pan with the lid and called it good.

But after the third store, my domestically challenged attitude kicked in. I was not going to be defeated. I wanted a pan with a lid and I swore at and about the shopping gods, that I was not leaving town on Saturday without a lid which accompanied the pan.

But by the end of the day, my quest was nearing an end and I was just resigning myself and my very tired feet to the fact that I must have dreamed in cooking dreamland there was such a lid for a such a pan.

However, pity was taken upon me. At the store, with the history of blue light specials, finally....

there it was... the holy grail for my quest. A lid and a pan - packaged together.. that didn't cost more than my vehicle. I was thrilled. It was a nice dull gray pan with a lid. It was the only one left.

I did not leave the purchased to chance. I snapped that baby into the cart. Success, I had won... I found my pan with a lid. It really is the little victories in the life that taste the sweetest.

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I've been there, I wanted just a plain cake pan with a cover. I did not need some t.v. food channel chef's name attached to just a plain old cake pan that had a cover so I could take it places and not have dust on the frosting.

-- Posted by eajwmom on Wed, Apr 8, 2009, at 2:44 PM

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