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Posted Monday, March 2, 2009, at 11:32 AM

Yes, I will admit it. I like using Facebook. I have been "booking" it for quite awhile now. I have even recruited a friend a long the way. My kids will even permit me to be a Facebook friend. In fact, I have friends and family from their 60's to their teens that are my friends on Facebook. I have Facebook friends in Nebraska, Colorado, Texas and Canada.

I can post pictures that I have taken. I can view my family and friends pictures. I can "tag" or be "tagged" in photos.

With my Facebook page - I can comment on each day if I want. I can comment on anything I want to via my status line. I can 'editorially' comment on my family's status. They can also comment on what I post.

I can send messages and get information via Facebook. I can play Twirl (a word scramble game). I can keep up on my long distance friends. I can write on other people's "walls".

I can do all this from the comfort of my own little computer space while drinking my caffeinated beverage of choice, wearing my dorky looking fluffy slippers or even perhaps having my adult beverage of choice and still wearing the slippers (okay so my feet are cold all the time) - depending on the viewing time of day.

I have reconnected with my college roommate from Alliance America. And I will say neither of us has aged a bit. ( LOL) I reconnected with my friends and neighbors from Chester America too.

They have what I say is a neat feature - I can send "bumper stickers" to my kids and friends. This is kind of like sharing stickers on a Trapper Keeper. You know if you went to school in the 70's you weren't cool without one. But you had to have stickers too..

Now I have to admit - there are a boat load of bumper stickers that I just don't get - or would NOT send to anyone. The vernacular is different today and sometimes folks utilize words and phrases I would not use they way they do. Okay - that was a nice way of saying some of the stickers are just plain stupid and gross. But I don't have to send those. Plus my friends don't have to accept the stickers I send.

I take silly quizzes on Facebook. It kind of reminds me of the quizzes in the woman's magazines at the beauty shop. Okay anyone who is old enough to have sat under a dryer at a beauty shop knows exactly which quizzes and which magazines I mean.

I have pinned a map with all the towns I have visited. Mostly my towns are in the Great Plain States but I did get to pin my trip to England and Ireland from the 80's,

I built the silly snowman and Christmas trees on the applications.

I can join causes or groups on Facebook. I can edit my favorite books, movies, TV shows and sayings because we all know our tastes and favorites do tend to change over time.

But I do like the features I choose to utilize on my little space of the Facebook world. There again I admit it. I like my Facebook.

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Hey Betsy, my family practically had an "intervention" for me, to get me going on facebook. I am glad the did. It is really special to be able to have family, and friends, all over the country to keep in regular touch with each other.

I think you must use Facebook the way my wife does. She does all those things you do.

-- Posted by sameldridge on Mon, Mar 2, 2009, at 12:04 PM

I enjoy catching up with friends and family on facebook, too. Though I have no idea how so many of them find the time to change their profile pictures as often as they do or fill out the three or four quizzes a week. And I wish I didn't get so many greenhouse requests or whatever they are. I liked the "pieces of flare." They were funny, quick and easy, but you don't see them as much anymore. Ah, well. It's a nice brain candy.

-- Posted by saveryhinze on Wed, Mar 4, 2009, at 11:30 AM

I recently got onto Facebook after being on Myspace for a long while. There is one group I'm on so far- fans of Mac's Drive In. I chuckled when I found it because I so hadn't expected any one to create one. I use Myspace for my urban fantasy writing and such, Facebook is just my normal daily life.

-- Posted by amystrauch on Fri, Apr 3, 2009, at 2:58 PM

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