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New Christmas

Posted Monday, December 29, 2008, at 12:09 PM

Older daughter, son-in-law and their friend, Yang, joined hubby, younger daughter and myself for a couple of days prior to Christmas.

The newlyweds were having to 'juggle' their holidays. They were having to navigate through the complications of extended families for those holiday rituals. Young daughter was having to come home for her first college break Christmas without being able to visit in person with her high school pals. Thank goodness for cells phones and email.

Since we were new to our new place, the some traditions and decorations made the transitions and others didn't. As any of you who have moved into a new abode know - you have decorations that have places - specific to the previous abode. There are things had to stay in boxes and there wasn't a place for them. The outside decorations - well lets just say - my icicle lights remained boxed.

We took the group to the local library and art gallery to see the original John Falter painting that was a Saturday Evening Post cover of a Christmas past in Falls City. We went to the candle store. We stopped at Sonic and Yang had a new experience. We had the car hop come out. He hadn't been to Sonic other than through a drive- thru so he had never had the car hop deliver to the vehicle.

Since I was having to work on the holiday - figured that was the first actual Christmas day I had worked in the 30 years since I had started working - we did Christmas on the Eve.

Turkey, trimmings, side dishes, and that sparkling juice (yeah there was some of the adult variety as well) plus apple and cherry pies provided a lovely repast served on the good dishes. We opened packages and then went out for the traditional Eve drive to look at the lights. There were some nice displays out and about. We returned home for leftovers and more desserts.

The kids' friend, Yang, is from China. He is currently an exchange student. He comes from a 'small' town of two million people. He spent a good deal of time on his laptop playing games, etc. He and son-in-law did play several card games - one involved the loser having to do push-ups. (Okay not having boys - that was a new one on me.) They played several games of chess. We also watched some tv. The show which fascinated Yang was on TLC - about the Duggars and their 18 kids. You have to remember families in his country have ONE child.

On the actual holiday - the newlyweds and their friend went to son-in-laws family to help the newest niece celebrate her first Christmas in Kansas. I went off to work and left hubby, younger daughter and the dog to have a quiet day. We watched a movie when I came home. Other Christmas's we would go to Cinema Three in the afternoon depending on what was playing. I do miss the movie theater.

Any how - Happy New Year. Come on 2009. Only things we wish for is continued good health, jobs, and for the trailer and lot to sell.

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Good to hear from you, Betsy! I always enjoy your blog. Happy New Year!

-- Posted by saveryhinze on Tue, Dec 30, 2008, at 2:31 PM

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