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Posted Tuesday, December 2, 2008, at 2:38 PM

In trying to sum up the year... in a few words.

Prom. Pretty dresses and the best story was shopping for the dress.

Two graduations. One fantastic graduation speech and reception.

One fabulous wedding. - Beautiful bride, handsome new son-in-law - fabulous family time.

Packing, sorting, burning, throwing.

Resumes, interviews, contracts times two. New jobs times one and one-half.

House hunting and real estate. I am beginning to truly appreciate location, location, location.

College freshman moving day. Yes, two vehicles can be unloaded in the 30 minutes allotted before you get a parking ticket.

Good bye to dear friends that are missed daily. Thank goodness for electronic mail.

Empty nest. Sigh.

New doctors, dentists, etc. Sleep apnea, high blood pressure, surgeries (oh yeah one more most likely), losing teeth (more to come soon on that one.)

Unpacking and resorting - when will it end?

Boxes - how I hate them and packing tape comes in a very close second.

Plus all the regular stuff - like car repairs, groceries, laundry bills, bills and bills and more bills.

That pretty much sums up the year. Consequently, there are days when my attitude about the entire year fluctuates depending on the peri-menopausal hormone levels (caffeine and chocolate also) coursing through my veins. As for today... we had a bunch of fun with all the family get togethers - the graduations, wedding and all-state plus the photos on Facebook to prove it. That is what I will put at the top of the list. Plus there are jobs - which we are grateful for. As for the rest...I will leave that to the tomorrow's to decide because if not I would probably just cry.

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