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Singing at the Lied

Posted Monday, November 24, 2008, at 2:16 PM

We had a great time Saturday in Lincoln. We were there to attend #1 Nephew's participation in the All-State Choir. He was a Bass II and the performance was at the Lied Center. Pretty awesome!!

The cool thing about this is #1 Nephew had to audition along with a bunch of other potential singers from all across the state. The final choir was narrowed down to over 400 high school students from across the state. These kids and their local directors have to prepare for the auditions and then when they are selected have to come prepared and ready to work for the concert and a director none of them know.

They were in Lincoln for just a couple of days in preparation for Saturday's concert. The first part of the concert was a performance by the All-State Jazz Band. That was a bunch of fun to watch and listen to.

The choir came next. These kids had to supply their own school's choir robes which made for a colorful collection up on the stage. Now for most of us trying to capture the attention of our own kids can be challenging but to have the attention of over 400 kids and get a high caliber musical performance is pretty darned impressive.

Another great thing was being able to listen to this performance in a venue which provided the acoustical environment so the music can truly be appreciated.

Make no mistake, I will be the first one to tell you the music gene skipped right over my plump behind. I attempted piano lessons as a kid and played in band in junior high and one year in high school However I do know how much work and talent all those kids have to have to make it past the auditions for performances. All the musicians have to have instructors willing to work hard for these kids. The parents also have to be dedicated to their children's talents and abilities.

#1 Nephew is the second generation of the family in his school to participate in his school's outstanding music program. His parents and uncle and his maternal cousins all have participated or are participating with the same choir director. There is an outstanding tradition in Tiger Country!

After the concert, we went out to celebrate with #1 Nephew and all the family. I am just very thankful all the paternal cousins have been able to help celebrate each other's state accomplishments! We have been able to have some awesome times in Lincoln and Kearney for all the tournaments and performances. It doesn't get much better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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