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Turkey and Travel

Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2008, at 12:36 PM

Thanksgiving is next week. Younger daughter put in her "order" for the traditional feast - turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, 'taters, and rolls. Add pumpkin pie to the desert menu and we are set. Older daughter would add sweet potatoes. I would add oyster stuffing as well. (Yummy) Corn - either creamed or niblets - depending on the mood in the group might accompany this. There will most likely be a relish tray complete with ranch dip, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, olives and pickles. In the beverage category - Welch's sparkling grape juice for the under 21 and the older than 21 that don't partake of the nectar of the gods. A nice bottle of wine for the older ones in the group would round out the table. Plus we use the 'good' dishes and glasses and the fancy platter for the turkey.

There is nothing fancy about the menu. Now I did see an interesting recipe in one magazine for pumpkin flavored rolls. I might try that if I am so inclined.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday as a kid we did spend with relatives on occasion. When my grandmothers were still alive, I can remember going to their houses on Thanksgiving - like ever other year. I also remember going to my uncle and aunt's in Orange and Houston, Texas in third grade. That was the furthest we traveled for a holiday. I can still remember getting to take a tour of the old Astrodome - which looked HUGE at the time - and seeing the astronaut bar. Okay folks, do the math - it was like 1970 and I was a third grader.

I was the odd one out in my class at school because we didn't live in the same town with any relatives. We didn't travel at Christmas either. I can only remember once we went to Casper to my aunt's house. And I only remember my Grandma Bybee coming to our house one time for the Christmas holiday - but that was understandable with five kids to visit - and those kids being scattered all over the country. I don't remember spending a Christmas with the Cayton side but we may have and I was too little to remember it.

For our holidays - we only traveled at Christmas a couple of times but we have stayed put for the most part. When the girls were older, the Christmas break was a needed few days off, to sleep in and not 'go' anywhere since the family was so involved in sports. Thanksgiving weekend always involved basketball practice and working the day after the holiday or a part of the weekend as well.

For those of you who travel - travel safely. For everyone - enjoy the day and the food. For those who have to work - thank you.

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