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Rhetorically Speaking

Posted Thursday, October 16, 2008, at 10:27 AM

The political rhetoric is flying at an all time high and will continue for the next couple of weeks. You almost need to have a flak jacket and helmet or a wonder bra on to protect yourself from all of the nonsense floating around.

Good grief - my email in-box has seen its share of FORWARDS. Oh, yes, admittedly I forward some. Some - I hit the delete keys. One email I forwarded I received an email back from a friend - stating she wasn't for that candidate and explained her reasons. Naturally, I didn't want to offend her so I don't forward emails to her that she might not agree with. It is the old - agree to disagree- but we could still be friends kind of thing.

But seriously - I LOVE MY REMOTE CONTROL as well as the delete key. The political commercials are offensive and only serve to raise my blood pressure.

The ones on both sides which offend me the worst are the ones making claims that anyone who ever took a civics or history class should KNOW won't happen. The candidates and their staff can make up all the lists or proposals of change for taxes, health care, the economy or even stating that blue cheese really isn't 100% blue that they want. When the reality is - unless they have some powerful allies on both sides of the political aisle or their party has the majority in the House of Representative or Senate, then nothing will be as it is claimed. Apparently truth in advertising only applies at certain times - but apparently that has been suspended. (Okay - I am smart enough to know the ad-people are just slick enough to have enough half-truths in their ads just to meet the "truth" standards.)

Now seriously - is there a non-partisan group out there that will stand up to the elected candidate after the guy has been in office a year or so and say - okay buddy - you promised NO NEW TAXES but hey, my tax bill went up. YOU LIED TO ME and everyone else. Hey - where is your great health care plan NOW because despite having insurance I can't afford the huge deductible so I have to choose between paying for heat/lights or only going to the doctor when I think I am dying - YOU LIED TO ME and everyone else. Hey, I don't have a job and can't find one unless I live in India or China and have been outsourced - YOU LIED TO ME and I am still broke!!

Okay I have vented I do feel better - rhetorically speaking.

PS: My name is Betsy and I approved this message!

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My name is Arley, and I approve this ditto, plus this: 'Well said.'

-- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Oct 16, 2008, at 5:56 PM

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