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Political Media Darling

Posted Wednesday, October 8, 2008, at 11:33 AM

Winning the presidential election shouldn't be based on being the media darling of the minute.

I am not overly thrilled with either of the presidential candidates but I am pretty excited to see a woman on the ticket. I would actually like to see four women on the ballot for the top two offices in the land sometime in my lifetime. I can dream can't I?

However I am getting tired of the spin the media and advertisers are putting on ever single word that is coming out of all the candidates mouths at this point. Ever syllable seems to be breaking news. Thank goodness for remote controls and the OFF button.

Hey - maybe I am just feeling disenfranchised at this point. I know my vote really doesn't count for anything other than the state and local races. Because lest we all forget - the presidential race focuses on the electoral college and don't think the Cornhusker State figures too prominently on any of the big RED/BLUE maps that our friends in electronic media are so happy to show us. We probably have more influence with our votes for the Senators from our state and the people running for the House of Representatives.

I still intend to vote because women weren't allowed to vote for a good part of this country's history and I believe no woman in this country should forget that fact. I vote for my right to be able to type out my opinions and put them in my little blurbs on the world. I vote so I can write and have someone disagree with me. I vote so someone can write something and I can disagree with them. I vote to be able to use my remote control.

I will continue to vote for the candidate of my choice for whatever reason I choose to vote for that individual and NOT the candidate the media conglomerates or pollsters are pontificating that I should vote for.

I will continue to vote because it is my responsibility and privilege to do so.

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