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Tooth Fairy - revisited

Posted Friday, October 3, 2008, at 12:27 PM

Okay - the revisited part is a continuation of a previous blog on TEETH.

Long story - short - had a tooth go bad... it needed to be extracted.

In the mean time - second and third opinions were garnered by my dentist from specialists with big fancy dance specialties (no disrespect intended - don't know the correct spellings) and the conclusion was - oh yes I could spend loads of $$ to save the tooth MAYBE but there were no guarantees.

Being realistic and knowing what the insurance will and won't pay for - the tooth was going away. Plus I was sick of feeling sick.

That happened rather quickly. I had contemplated the information a day or two and then called the dentist to make an appointment. They had a cancellation in less than three hours and wondered if that would work. Yep - didn't have any other plans at that time.

Went in - got the numbing shot- had to remove my glasses and put on the safety glasses and the ever so fashionable disposable bib...

It took all of maybe two minutes to extract the offending tooth. Nothing terrible complicated about the procedure. With the exception of the rather LOUD crack and then hearing my dentist say.." Oh my... that is a dandy."

Knowing full well - his definition of dandy could NOT be meant in a flattering way... I wanted to see the tooth. He cleaned it up some because he really didn't want to show it to me. Granted my guess is there are people that might faint - but I usually don't get that way. However since he doesn't know me all that well, he probably didn't want the pleasantly plumb patient passing out.

However, the tooth had THREE abscessed areas - two roots and one just above the remaining tooth area. There are the fancy dance names for those- I just need to see them spelled to use them. Endodontic and periodontic maybe but.. Still to his trained eye - it was an "Oh my.."

From the time I set foot in the waiting room until I was home in the recliner (like instructed) was thirty minutes. Then it was bite on the gauze, take the ibuprofen at the prescribed time, utilize an ice bag, and follow the dietary instructions for 24 hours. Hopefully it is now on the road to recovery.

But dang it, the silly Tooth Fairy apparently didn't get my forwarding address because I still didn't get anything for the tooth. I should have at least gotten a presidential dollar coin for all my troubles. LOL

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