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Wedding Photos

Posted Wednesday, October 1, 2008, at 11:40 AM

Whoo Hoo!! The kids' wedding photos are finished. They picked up their coffee table book and the CD with all the photos on them last Friday.

The photographer the kids hired does the newer journalist photography of the wedding. He took the photos of the entire event. He did formal ones but he also captured many informal "moment" photos of the day.

There are the traditional photos - bride/bridesmaid and groom/groomsmen ones - the family ones - the bride/groom and their extended families etc. But there were also the fun ones such as having the groomsmen with the bride and the wedding party looking surprised as the couple kisses.

Okay - so my favorite ones were the outside ones they took at Harmon Park between the ceremony and the reception. My theory is the ceremony was finished and everyone was more relaxed and that came through in the photos.

They also received some with the special effects - the brown tone ones and the ones where the majority of the photo is black/white but with one color that stands out.

Eons ago - we had formal ones taken before the wedding with a few candid shots but that was it. Then you had to get proofs, send them to all the family to "choose" their favorite ones. Then you have to order them and wait and wait and wait. (Or so it seemed) Eons before that - couples used to travel to a photographer and sit for ONE photo - and that was definitely black and white.

The difference with the digital photography is the kids received printed ones but have the CD and the rights to the photos. Which honestly makes perfect sense - because besides your family and a few close friends - who else will really wants some elses wedding photos.

We received multiple emails from the happy couple and then thanks to the newer internet social networks - there are the "Facebook" albums available to be enjoyed by the friends and family linked by technology.

Now, we just have to choose which ones we want to print and how we want to frame them. The nice thing about this is - you are only limited by the amount of photo paper you can purchase or how much ink is in the printer. Or maybe wall space for frames. - Pamida here I come!!!

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