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Posted Wednesday, September 24, 2008, at 11:18 AM

Teeth - we need the dang gone things to eat, chew, whistle.

But they can be buggers....

Over the years - I have spent my fair share of time in a dentist chair. From fillings as a kid, fluoride treatments, having wisdom teeth removed, cleanings, to having root canals and extractions.

But worse thing by fair is having an abscess.

In my case I have had enough root canals ( I lost count at 10) which can make catching things a bit difficult.

All I know, that the difference between today and yesterday is like being transported to another planet.

This had been coming on for a while because it doesn't happen overnight, but when I woke up my face was swollen and I hurt badly. On a side note - I asked the hubby - does my face look swollen? Granted I could tell by the look on his face - yeah - I looked like either Alvin or Theodore of Chipmunk fame- but I could tell he wanted to say the RIGHT thing to me. Oh yes, you might be a little swollen. That was the politically correct thing to say to a spouse in pain but the look had affirmed the truth.

Since earlier in the month, the teeth had been sort of ruled out I went the sinus route because that have similar pain, swelling etc. - at least in my case. I spent the morning at the doctor. Sounded like sinus trouble, etc.

But by the afternoon, ibuprofen that wasn't cutting the pain, and an ice bag that didn't help, I called the dentist because by now I had a pus pocket the size of Mt. Vesuvius. (to me at any rate).

Come right in said the nice lady. Great... I didn't hesitate... My poor dog just saw a flash of her chipmunk cheeked human as I hustled my way to the van.

After a computer x-ray - I had numbing meds (NO PAIN) and was having the abscess drained. Okay - not to be gross but I have been in enough dentist chairs and listened to the suction machine enough to know the sound yesterday was of that painful gunk being sucked away.

Now this tooth ordeal is not over - because this one will most likely have to be extracted after the round of antibiotics. It was the one that I had my first root canal done on over 20 years ago. I got a lot of extra mileage out of it but it's time has come to go with the Tooth Fairy. Too bad I have to be the one to pay for it. LOL

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Ah yes, teeth problems. I, too, used to have a whole lot more trouble with mine. Not so much now a days though. Most of mine have moved on to heaven. Your words reminded me of the military dentist telling me that having four molars, I didn't qualify for plates. I told him that two on top, and two on the bottom, I had, two on the lower right, and two on the upper left. I had plates within the month. They do not hurt one bit.

Have a good recovery. In Messiah, Arley Steinhour

-- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Sep 25, 2008, at 6:54 PM

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