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Posted Sunday, August 24, 2008, at 8:35 AM

I have said many time - change is the ONLY constant in our lives.

Lots of changes in the since May - yes - May of THIS year.

Two graduations back to back.

One wedding.

Job searches, interviews and new job for the eldest Coolidge in our house.

House hunting- requiring multiple trips.

Sorting, packing and moving in shifts- now that has been interesting.

Setting up utilities, phone, internet, cable and disconnecting the same at the former place.

Moving the younger daughter to college - emptying the nest.

I will have to find a new job. So continuing on the job hunting.

The goodbyes to all those good people.

If I could make one request of the powers that be - enough is enough for the time being. Pretty please. Now granted there are probably a lot worse that could be going on but in the scope of volume - somebody turn the faucet to a trickle.


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I will really miss your bright cheery smile at those 6:00 AM Breakfast marathons...Miss ya


-- Posted by BarbO on Wed, Aug 27, 2008, at 2:57 PM

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