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Moving and Packing

Posted Saturday, July 26, 2008, at 4:57 PM

Anyone who has moved knows - the entire process really can suck. You have to go through all your "stuff". You have to get "rid" of stuff. You have to pack stuff. There is never enough bubble wrap for all the "pretties" and picture frames. There is never the right size of box.

Plus then when you have to fit your "stuff" into another place - there are challenges there.

Next - changing addresses - well not a huge deal - tried the new postal service website - but they wanted to CHARGE me to change my address.. Seriously - . Nope - took the print option and will have one of the family run it down to the postmaster... Their reasoning is to try to prevent addresses changes for being done by unauthorized individuals. Okay - don't think anyone is going to want my bills - or the junk mail - but whatever....

Email - will not have to change expect for the one provided by the internet provider.

Next is getting new utilities hooked up etc. That has been a much easier process than when we moved the last time. Found the folks to be helpful and friendly when you call for the first time to get information. Will have to contract for trash pick up though. Last time we had to do that was in Chester. Billy was the trash guy and it cost very little for him to come once a week to haul the garbage down to the town trash bins. Would imagine it will cost a little bit more than what Billy charged.

Phone - we will probably just break the land line tie but that will be determined later... It will depend on what internet service package we can go with.

Cable - okay - necessity at least sooner than later. Football season is COMING... LOL

Internet is NOT a necessity - okay before I get some nasty messages from my friends UNDER 40... lighten up... I am such a news junkie, I will need my fix of the CNN and MSNBC website. Plus I will admit - I read the hometown papers and the Casper-Star Tribune just to check the obits...

Any whoo... But am looking forward to actually living in a town that we can walk to get groceries. You know it is the little things in life that make a person happy..

PS: For my friends and - it is the lemonade theory... LOL

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