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The skies just opened up.

Posted Monday, May 26, 2008, at 10:37 AM

Thursday and Friday's weather was quite the adventure. Granted - not a fan of tornado season but at least our friends at the Weather Service and media outlets - let us know what to expect.

I have seen it rain but the torrents of water that fell from the sky were amazing. Heard reports of upwards of over 9 inches in the area and officially there was over 6 inches according to the little info bar on the Weather Channel during the Local on the 8's segments Sunday evening.

When it was raining last week, there were just sheets and sheets of water. The thunder boomed and trust me -when you have a communication head set on and the thunder cracks - the ear drums don't like it. It was exceedingly loud.

However, we really need to remember to be thankful for all those folks who worked on all the area dams and water barrier systems all those years ago. Sometimes we take the things that protect us for granted because they are just "there".

Please remember to be thankful for all those engineers and workers from days gone by and the ones now who do the maintenance and upgrading today as well. This includes those emergency management folks as well. Thanks for everything!!

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