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Thanks Linda

Posted Sunday, April 27, 2008, at 8:28 AM

I would like to thank my friend, Linda Luther, for all the years and dedicated service she gave to Girl Scouts Goldenrod Council.

Linda worked for the Council as a Membership Marketing Specialist in O'Neill for the last 25 years plus a few month. Linda is "retiring" this week.

Linda's years of experience in the northern tier of counties in Goldenrod Council will be missed. From recruiting in new leaders and helping guide these women into effective role models for "their" girls was something that Linda was good at. She also LOVED to travel. I did get to travel with her on one of her adventures. This one was to Colorado. She was taking some of her in-school scouting girls to go white water rafting plus other adventures. We also did service work in Denver as well. The service work came first then the girls got to go "play." Linda was leading by example. But I can remember giggling and having a blast.

Linda was a great mentor. When I started as a "newbie" MMS, I probably called her daily with questions. Not once did she put me off. She answered the questions and got me on my feet and taught me what I needed to know.

At staff meetings, Linda was always the first one to ask the question - how will this affect the girls or is that really going to help the volunteers. She was doggedly loyal to her area volunteers and in fact to all the volunteers in the Council. She is a fantastic proof reader and with her years of GS knowledge she was always helpful in those regards - especially when terminology was "upgraded."

Linda, my friend, I hope you enjoy your "retirement." Go play golf, bowl, keep having great fun with the grandkids. Learn to quilt - since that is what YOU want to do. By all means - keep traveling!!

PS. Send me a postcard or two along the way.

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