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Bridesmaids' Blues

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2008, at 6:33 AM

In the continuing wedding saga, I must report that like all plans, things have gone a bit off course with the bridesmaids' dresses. Now these dresses are cute, tea length navy dresses. Nothing so complicated that it would take months to get.

The maid of honor had the same dress. Hers was ordered a week after the other girls and it is already here. It was also ordered from the same store as the bridal gown.

Now, the other dresses were ordered in K-town because that is where the bridesmaid are. They were ordered on January 16, the girls were charged half the purchase price and told they would be in mid-April.

Thank goodness the girls checked because someone at the store did not order the dresses. Now the hitch in the get-a-long so to speak is college will be out and the bridesmaids will be going on to their summer activities and they were told the dresses would not be in until June. Okay wedding - late June - mild to serious panic is starting to set in with the Bride and her Bridesmaids - and justifiably so.

When the K-town store was pressed as to a reason - the girls got several hems and haws but the absolutely best (NOT) excuse was they didn't get ordered before the Chinese New Year and that causes a back order situation. Just think about that one for a minute. (Five years from now that might just be one of the "better" excuses but right now - not seeing too much humor.)

So, the girls were handling it but MOB decided to do a little research and in contacting another bridal gown store - I learned the following - ALWAYS get an order confirmation number and confirmation of a ship date. In addition there is very rarely any type of back-order situation with the specialty bridesmaid dresses.

MOB got on the phone but the owner/manager of the K-town store was "out of town." However, I did leave a message, stating who I was, what I was calling about and that there will be a resolution to this. Stay tuned. We may be having to order the dresses elsewhere or go to plan B.

Bride and Bridesmaid - just take a breath... things will work out!

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Auntie to the bride has an interesting follow up to this excuse (ahem, explanation). Cousin to the bride was fitted for his tux during our recent stop in K-town. Thankfully the tux shop was NOT the same shop used for the dresses. But because we were now afraid to tempt the fates of the Chinese New Year we thought we better get this taken care of ASAP. In our conversation with the very helpful gal at the tuxedo shop, she indicated she was very aware of what bridal shop we were talking about - not only because it's the only one in town - but apparently it has a history. For one of her friends' wedding, they had difficulty getting the dress for the Flower Girl because - wait for it - it didn't get on the boat from China in time. HA! Now I was able to reassure the bride that she is not the only one who's wedding has Chinese connections. I have a GREAT idea for decorations for the shower!!!

-- Posted by interested_in-law on Fri, Apr 25, 2008, at 1:57 PM

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