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Chickless-nest syndrome

Posted Sunday, February 10, 2008, at 12:24 PM

This past week I went to my last parent-teacher conference. As our younger daughter will be graduating soon, this one was the last conference I will have to attend. Seriously, I had a mom moment - that I didn't with the older chick's last conferences.

It was not as much a milestone for her but a realization for me that the younger chick will be leaving the nest very soon. Soon enough that she and her classmates have the days counted down to their graduation day. Soon enough that the pressure is on to finish the picture boards and seriously think about getting the cake ordered.

Younger daughter has a memory list about everything her older sister did for her graduation and that has kicked into high gear now that it is February. Must be a younger sibling thing because she remembers and REMINDS me at every chance as to what I need to get in order for the big celebration. (Just to be fair - the older sister reminds me of everything she allegedly didn't get to do but her younger sister gets to do, etc.)

I have tried to convince my children that life if not equal but as parents we have tried to be as fair as possible. (Okay, like THAT worked.)

As these next few days, weeks and short, short, short months roll by, I have a feeling I will be having more of these 'mom' moments that I am actually prepared for. If you see me aimlessly wandering the aisles of our local shopping emporiums with that look of befuddlement as to which dang-gone color of foo-foo stuff I still need to purchase... just know that my chickless-nest syndrome is not contagious and I will eventually snap out of it.

P.S. - Happy St. Valentines' day - to my family and friends and to those who read my blurbs

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