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Eight Days After The Fire

Posted Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at 7:52 PM

I finally made it out to my parents after the fire on the 23rd. I should have gone last weekend but it slipped my mind. I was surprised at how much had burned. I was also surprised at how much of the trees my grandparents (Marvin & Ruth Nelms) had planted many years ago still stood. The yucca plants look pretty strange.

As I walked through there today I thought about the firefighters, not just the ones in our community but the ones who fight fires in the forests of our National Parks. I appreciate all that they do.

That windbreak and pasture were my playground as a child. My brother Tim and I would imagine lots of thing while we were out there during the summers. As a teen I'd go out there to escape the world and daydream of a great many things while jamming to Richard Marx and Bad English. At least I'd gotten over Tiffany quickly.

I'm glad most of it is still there. That underneath all the soot and ash there is new grass showing up, the yucca aren't completely dead and there aren't that many trees to re-plant.

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