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What I worry about?

Posted Friday, February 22, 2008, at 5:14 PM

There are so many. But in order to not get an ulcer or develop some panic disorder, I prefer to keep my mind focused on other things.

I do worry about what will become of the animals (cattle, horses and pets in this area) in the coming years. Why do I worry about these things? I'll tell you but it might be scary. Of the 1400 graduating veterinarians this year, how many do you think are men? How many are interested in working with cattle, horses, goats, sheep and pigs? Not many. Only 301 are men, 1/3 of the 1400 are interested in large animal medicine (not all of them are men but women don't last as many years mostly because of injuries), 1/3 in academia and 1/3 small animal medicine only. We're lucky to have 3 fine mixed animal practioners. MD's have only one species to worry about, DVM's get all the rest.

But wait, there's more! How much does our veterinarians make per year? I'm not sure but I know it definately is not as much as the MD's or DDS's do but with an equal amount in student loans because they are in school the same number of years. You've been asking for years why veterinary care is so expensive and I'm telling you. New graduates would be bankrupt in a year if they wanted to work here. Why is that? Because what they're expected to pay per year in student loans equals that of their annual take home salary. See? Definately scary.

Prognosis- poor to grave. Is there a cure for this growing problem? That's up to you.

One day there will be a sign out front reading "Will Work For Money."

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