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I love Parades!!!

Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2007, at 1:56 PM

So, I'm a little late and finally getting this online. My personal pc won't let me logon here anymore so I'm sneaking 3 minutes at work. I also spent a week in Tulsa (more stuff coming) and didn't have internet.

I was so happy the weather didn't kill yesterday's Heritage Day's Parade. I've been lucky to have grown up in a town with a killer parade. It has all the best, draft horses, antique cars, pretty floats, balloons, tons of candy and best of all; lots of marching bands. I have mixed feelings about the bands since I graduated. At the time it seemed like the parade was half marching bands. Since so many schools have closed and consolidated there aren't as many. There aren't as many students in band either. My sophmore year there were around 100 student in McCook High's Pep/Symphonic band. By the time I graduated there were 50. Two years ago there were less than 30. I'm happy to say they have a new/highly motivated band instructor. I just love seeing them on my way to work in the track practicing or on the street marching. The first time I watched our parade after graduation, I nearly cried. I missed being out there in that hot wool uniform praying my clarinet wouldn't come apart because I waxed the cork to recently and hoping my braces wouldn't chip my reed. It seemed to me an hour shorter than I remember. Why is that? Surely it couldn't be the shortage of bands. If you like band parades, check out Harvest Of Harmony in October. They get bands from all over the state of Nebraska.

After the parade, I followed the exodus from Norris Ave to Norris Park and checked out all the crafters, photographers and well, I didn't visit any food venders. I checked out the wares of the beaders and became very inspired. I'm quite fond of beading but don't get motivated very often. Today I made 4 bracelets. I also looked closely at the photographs, wishing I was more motivated to start selling them. Anybody have a clue when the next art guild meeting is, I stop by and probably join. As if I don't have enough to do already. I'm a hobby freak and I'm trying to limit myself to three. Writing, fitness and art (beading and photography). I guess that makes 4 but 2 fit into the same category. Add to that a full time job and a passion for primetime TV and I don't find much time for those hobbies I just mentioned. I think 9 hours a day with flat feet on concrete is why I don't care to go walking in the evening. Go figure. I'd be bored stiff if I had a desk job.

Thanks for the parade, I loved it.

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