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Of dogs and cats and the downfalls of summer

Posted Monday, July 30, 2007, at 9:17 PM

This is my Gwen kitty.
Lately our list of missing pets has expanded quite a bit. It's not a surprise really. Especially the breeds that need a job like bird dogs (who go hunting without you), shepherds and collies (that will find ways of entertaining themselves). Again, not a surprise with intact male dogs and cats. Like humans males between 15-25, males will search with their keen sense of smell any female in heat within a 2 mile radius. Procreation has been accomplished through fences. Where does that get us? Dog fights, missing dogs, dogs hit by cars, diseases being spread (like parvovirus which can live in direct sunlight for 2 years and be spread around on your clothing) and unwanted puppies.

Not to mention those poor animals without shade. Let me tell you the story of A.J. His owner sent him outside for a short potty break in the middle of the day. A.J. was a black and tan shorthaired daschund. A.J. didn't have any shade in his back yard and it was this time of year 95+F. His owner went back inside intending on bringing him back in a few minutes later. Well, his owner fell asleep and two hours later woke up and rushed back outside to find his dog in poor shape. Poor A.J. lost near all the skin from his back. We were all amazed that he didn't expire from heatstroke long before he suffered from the 3rd degree burns.

I stopped by out wonderful Humane Society today. They have recieved 40+ cats in the last week and have currently taken in over a 100 animals this month with more wanting to drop off whole litters of cats. When they say they have no more room, they mean it. There really is no safe sex when it comes to cats and dogs, they really aren't interested in wearing condoms. You do realize that there is not a veterinarian on staff. That feral animals they take in are not adoptable and will be euthanized shortly after their arrival. If somebody should be bitten by one of these animals, the animal has to rabies tested (requiring euthanasia). Rabies testing or a 10 day quaranteen/observation is required by state law with any human bite from an unvaccinated animal or animals without proof of vaccination. Proof of vaccination has to have a signature by a licensed Veterinarian. Are you understanding how big of hassle this can be? The nearest Rabies has been found is Furnas county and Lincoln county and we haven't had a positive case of Rabies in Red Willow county for many years (and I hope we don't have any time soon).

My Gwen kitty is quite a flirt. She's spayed, declawed and vaccinated for anything I might bring home.

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What are your thoughts on declawing?

-- Posted by natejames on Mon, Jul 30, 2007, at 11:02 PM

Declawing needs to be done on an as needed basis. If your cat goes outside on a regular basis, don't take their back claws. If your cat is over 2 years old, they can't handle the pain, don't do it. If you have a house cat who's shredding your furniture, they have no interest in the scratching post you bought/built for them, you have leather furniture, your cat likes to claw you or your family/friends, you might consider it. If your cat likes to chew on you, your family/friends, declawing might be the last thing you want to do. Cats with clawing habits may change their habit to a chewing habit - we don't need cats with a chewing habit where ever they live.

Gwen was a scratch everything cat in the rental house we were living in, I had her declawed- she gets to imagine she's using her claws. Marnie is a biter and a clawer, she kept her claws. Arthur is a clawer and I built him a scratching post (3 foot tall out of 2x4 because he's a big cat), he's happy with his scratching post so he got to keep his claws as well. Of my 4 cats, 2 are declawed. If they are done early enough, they don't suffer much pain and the are content without them.

-- Posted by amystrauch on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, at 12:39 PM

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