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Last Harry Potter (*Spoilers with in reason)

Posted Wednesday, July 25, 2007, at 10:31 AM

I just read an excellent book. It arrived Saturday like Amazon said it would. If it weren't for work or sleep, I would have read it nonstop. I read through my lunch hour, stopping at a drive through and heading home instead of fixing something at home. I started a book "How to Write Killer Fiction" (see below) when I finished HP last night. In the beginning of this book, she describes the difference between mystery (where you're two steps behind, trying to figure it all out) and suspense (where your two steps ahead, hoping the lead character doesn't go into the dark scary place). The Deadly Hollows is a beautiful blend of mystery and suspense. Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the quest that Dumbledore set for them before he died in the previous book to find Voldemort's horcruxes (the pieces of his soul that he's placed in objects that keep him alive no matter how many times they get a chance at killing him) he's hidden all over England. Mean while they are on the run from Death Eaters and Snatchers (those who snatch mudbloods and traitors for money and turn them in to the Death Eaters) in a borrowed tent in the country side bouncing around from place to place with no contact with any of their friends to prevent them from getting captured as well, most likely to be tortured and sent to Azkaban. I'll say no more about the plot line. Wow, what a book! It's really hard for me to not say anything about the ending. - LH, you can read this before you can read anymore of my book, I don't mind.

The day Harry Potter showed up on my doorstep, my veterinary clinic I work at had a summer picnic. We met at Kelly Park and swam at the pool for a while. I hadn't swam for far too many years and I'd forgotton how wonderful it is. I swam a couple of laps while I was there and my muscles ached the next day. I think I'm to go back to swimming. I really like walking but after 9 hour standing on concrete during the day, with my heel spurs and flat feet, I can't stand walking for an hour at the end of the day. The YMCA has lap swim between 5:30-6:30 followed by free swim, now if only I could get out of work by 6. Okay, back to the picnic. Doc cooked some really, really good hamburgers, MC brought a cherry cheese cake, I brought potato salad (it needed more mustard). After dinner, we played softball on the tennis court. Good grief was it hot there on the concrete. Poor BK was wearing jeans and had never played softball/baseball before. He was really surprised how many rules there were to what he thought was a simple game. We didn't keep track of the score so well, we forgot who was on which team, and the pitcher pitched for both teams. Sometimes they slow pitched, sometimes it was fast. It's a good thing we only played 3 innings. I really wish we could do that more often.

I took two photo's I took in Wyoming last year to the County Fair yesterday.

How to Write Killer Fiction: The Funhouse of Mystery & the Roller Coaster of Suspense

By Carolyn Wheat

Release date: By March, 2003

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