Beware of Mother Nature's one-two punch

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Somebody said itís the one you donít see coming that gets you.

No matter who said it, itís good advice. While weíre all social distancing and wearing our masks, wondering when things can return to normal, we need to remember COVID-19 isnít the only threat out there.

While McCook residents were dealing with the 1935 Republican River flood, a tornado roared through the area, killing four north of Perry and one more at Curtis. Learn more here.

Mother Nature is already reminding us whoís in charge this spring, delivering Red Flag warning weather throughout Southwest Nebraska today, with humidity as low as 19% and winds gusting to 40 mph. Please observe burning bans and say a prayer for firefighters who may have to deal with grass fires.

And, the arrival of May brings the busiest month when it comes to tornadoes in Nebraska, and we doubt social distancing rules will be observed if the time comes to use tornado shelters.

According to a study from Expert Insurance Reviews, Nebraska is the seventh hardest-hit state when it comes to tornadoes, struck by 57 every year.

Twisters have caused $10-20 billion in damages in the state over the years, and few of us have avoided direct experience with a tornado.

Now is a good time to take a break from worrying about the coronavirus -- while continuing to observe safety precautions -- and remind ourselves of the need to stay safe this spring and summer. Whatís the difference between a tornado watch and a warning? How can I avoid sunburn and heat stroke, and keep my family and pets safe?

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