Landowner assistance available for phragmites, red cedar, Russian olives

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
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McCOOK, Neb. Southwest Weed Management, with the Hayes and Hitchcock County Weed Departments, will have a public meeting to inform landowners of programs to remove eastern red cedar, russian olive trees, salt cedar and phragmites from property in Hayes and Hitchcock Counties. The meeting will be held on January 22, 2020 at the the TCDC Building, 406 E 1st Street, Trenton, Neb., beginning at 7 pm CDT.

Phragmites and salt cedar are non-native species and are listed as noxious plants in Nebraska. Southwest Weed Management is offering a program to pay 100% of cost to control phragmites and salt cedar. Uncontrolled, these plants out compete native vegetation overtaking areas within a short time. Phragmites and salt cedar have no forage value and degrade native wildlife habitat. Landowners with property adjoining the

Republican River may apply for assistance at no cost.

Eastern red cedar and russian olive tree control will also be discussed. These trees will spread quickly and reduce rangeland capacity. Land owners with property within one-half mile of a river, perennial stream or intermittent stream in the Republican River watershed may be eligible for a 50% cost share to remove eastern red cedar and russian olive trees. Work may be accomplished by an individual landowner, or a contractor.

Southwest Weed Management assists County Weed Departments and land owners to restore and improve native habitat and water quality by controlling noxious, invasive and non-desirable vegetation through partnerships with local, state and federal agencies and organizations. Southwest Weed Management counties include Red Willow, Frontier, Hayes, Hitchcock, Dundy, Chase and Perkins. There are 13 Weed Management zones in Nebraska. Funding for these programs is provided through grants from the

Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Nebraska Environmental Trust.

All landowners interested in these programs are encouraged to attend. For additional information contact Jim Bowen, Southwest Weed Management Project Coordinator at 308-920-2410 or Bill Hageman, Hitchcock County or Boyd Gigax, Hayes County.

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