Letter to the Editor

Cooperation essential

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Editor,

Separating fact from fiction is a big undertaking in 2012.

As ordinary citizens, we've been busy evaluating political candidates. We keep asking ourselves questions like "can we trust the government?" Obviously, dishonesty at any government level is harmful to us.

Various news sources leave us thinking we are sinking into a bed of quicksand. We've grown up in a free country, where we depend on the laws of the land to protect us and safeguard the truth.

Many of us have been taught that "honesty is the best policy." Therefore, we view cheating falsifying the facts and taking advantage of others as being counter productive and unthinkable.

Nationally and internationally, we have some serious problems. Experts tell us that we must reduce our trillions of dollars of debt, deal more adequately with terrorists and prevent mass destruction of countries like Israel by aggressive nations such as Iran.

First, however, it's time to look at ourselves more closely and clean up our own act.

Abe Lincoln called the United States "the last best hope on earth."

Dedication to American ideals and democracy will help us move forward.

In order to solve our problems, we must march to the same drummer and pool our talents. Working together is essential.

Helen Ruth Arnold,

Trenton, Nebraska

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