City to receive $1.25 million in special revenue

Friday, July 18, 2008

Proceeds from the ACE revenue sharing program, at $27,595, are not earmarked for anything specific and it will be up to the council to decide how to spend, said McCook City Manager Kurt Fritsch at the budget workshop Monday night.

Funds from ACE, along with grants listed in the 2008-09 budget under special revenue, are estimated at $1.25 million.

Other grants will benefit the airport and the proposed walking trail. Grants/special revenue projected for the next fiscal year include:

* Federal Aviation Administration, $602,212. Part of that money, $475,000, will be used to fund the proposed eight-plex hangar at the airport, plus easements.

* Inter-city bus grant, $96,000.

* Inter-government revenues, $796,000

* The McCook Recreational Walking trail, $300,000. Phase I of the trail, from East H Street to Kelley Park, is expected to be started late July/early August and completed in about three weeks. The sidewalk to Wal-Mart is estimated to begin sometime next year

* Enhanced E-911, $104,000

* Secure Our Schools grant, $70,000

* miscellaneous grants, $50,000

Other parts of the budget reviewed Monday night were:

* bond reserve at $71,4000. This is the amount the city has to have for bonded debt, City Clerk Lea Ann Doak said. Fritsch said this was a good number that can work for the city, possibly in the street department

* perpetual care at the cemetery: Doak told the council that a computer at the informational kiosk at Memorial Cemetery will be updated. She also said a request was received to have a kiosk at the Riverside Cemetery but that there's no funding for that yet. Instead, visitors will be able to look up information on the computer at Memorial Park for both cemeteries.

* keno/community betterment: revenue from keno are used at the discretion of the council. $10,000 is projected to be collected next year.

* healthcare for city employees: cost of childcare, $31,000, medical services, $65,000. Claim costs are going up, said Fritsch and although the reserve is at $48,000, it should be closer to $200,000.

But employee healthcare costs are still lower here than in other cities similar-sized or smaller than McCook, he added.

Reserves in the 2008-09 budget include $30,000 for pool/bathhouse; $30,000 for ballparks and $58,000 firefighters pensions payments the city will have to pay starting next year.

Other reserves are $424,000 in the general fund, the department that funds city departments and $100,000 for auditorium/council chambers.

Fritsch said those funds could be used as seed money for the current structure or to be applied toward the West Ward Elementary school property, that city staff has proposed to be the future site of city offices and police/fire departments.

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