McCook girl runners 2nd, boys 5th at Ogallala

Friday, September 21, 2007

OGALLALA -- The McCook's High School girls cross country team placed second and the boys fifth at the Ogallala invitational Thursday.

Sidney won the girls team title with 34 points. Both McCook and Alliance scored 42 points, with McCook getting second because of a better finish by its fifth-best runner.

Holdrege's girls were fourth with 59 points, followed by Kimball 60 and Ogallala 90.

Jessa Sughroue led the Bison girls, finishing second with a time of 16:31. Teammate Renetta Rawlings took tenth with a time of 17:49.

Molly Peck took the 13th spot, Laura Brooks finished in the 17th spot, Kelsea Geschwentner was number 20 and Hailey Buddenberg was 22nd.

Sarah Wilcox took 10th for the Bison JV. Adrian Lambing placed 15th and Kelsey Schoup followed in 16th.

Megan Ruppert and Lisa Schoup led the junior high girls. Ruppert was 12th and Schoup was 15th.

McCook's boys were fifth in the team scores.

Ogallala won on the boys side. Sidney was second, Holdrege was third, Kimball fourth, Alliance sixth and Goodland seventh.

Michael Jordan led the Bison boys with a time of 20:14. Jordan took 12th. Byron Roberts, Jake Metcalf, Carson Kain, Nate Morgan and Nate Priebe placed 26th and 30th.

Clay Jordan and Riley Haney took fifth and sixth for the JV team.

Kyle Gaston led the Bison junior high boys with a seventh place finish. Randin Rawlings followed in ninth and Austin Lambing was 13th.

Girls results

Team scores -- Sidney 34, McCook 42, Alliance 42, Holdrege 59, Kimball 60, Ogallala 90..

Top five varsity -- 1.Jesse Adams Oga, 16:46; 2.Jessa Sughroue Mc 16:31; 3.Jenny Volkmer Sid, 16:84; 4.Kaitlyn Wells Sid, 17:14; 5.Katlin Moritz Kim, 17:22.

Bison varsity -- 2.Jessa Sughroue; 10.Renetta Rawlings 17:49; 13.Molly Peck 18:33; 17.Laura Brooks 18:55; 20.Kelsea Geschwentner 19:15; 22.Hailey Buddenberg 19:33.

Bison JV -- 10.Sarah Wilcox 21:59; 15.Adrian Lambing 24:23; 16.Kelsay Schoup 24:59.

Junior high girls -- 12.Megan Ruppert 7:20; 15.Lisa Schoup 7:32.

Boys results

Team scores -- Ogallala 10, Sidney 44, Holdrege 51, Kimball 62, McCook 101, Alliance 122, Goodland 128.

Top five varsity -- 1.Jesse Adams Oga, 16:46; 2.Luke Schmidt Oga, 17:27; 3.Seth Tophoj Oga, 17:49; 4.Tyler Tophoj Oga, 17:53; 5.Hunter Arterburn Sid, 18:04.

Bison varsity -- 20.Michael Jordan 20:14; 26.Bryon Roberts 20:46; 27. Jake Metcalf 20:47; 28.Carson Kain 20:57; 29.Nate Morgan 21:13; 30.Nate Priebe 21:22.

Bison JV -- 5.Clay Jordan 20:36; 6.Riley Haney 20:38;

Junior High boys -- 7.Kyle Gaston 6:16; 9.Randin Rawlings 6:18; 13.Austin Lambing 6:44.

Area teams solid at Dundy County meet -- Chase County's girls and Perkins County's boys won the Dundy County-Stratton cross country meet Thursday at Benkelman.

The Longhorn girls ended the day with a team score of 38 and Perkins County's boys had 18.

Both Dundy County's boys and girls finished second in the team standings. The Tiger girls had 39 points and the boys had 22. Chase County's boys followed the Tigers in third with 47 and Cambridge had 62.

North Platte St. Pats' girls took third with a team total of 59, Perkins County was fourth with 59, Southwest had 65 and Arapahoe had 69.

Layne McConville of Southwest took the top spot in individual standings with a time of 17:23. Gabby Mullanix of Dundy County-Stratton finished second with 17:31 and Cara Kunnemann was third for Chase County in 18:24.

Jobi Hasenauer finished fourth for Maywood and Cathy Paulsen was fifth for Arapahoe. Chase County had two more runners finish in the top 10 in Katherine Daugaard and Emily Ringleman.

Brooke Poppe took ninth for Perkins County and Danielle Carpenter was tenth for Cambridge.

Jared Shillington and Brandon Shirkey placed first and second in the varsity boys race.

Shillington took first with a time of 17:51 and Shirkey followed in 18:03.

Ryan Hazen finished third for Maywood with a time of 18:35 and Drew Mayer, Josh Wall and Ryan Pankonin were fourth, fifth and sixth for Perkins County.

Kyle Thomas took eighth for Dundy County-Stratton, Preston Bernhardt was ninth for Chase County and Brian Custer rounded out the top ten for Cambridge.

Dundy County-Stratton

Cross Country Meet

Benkelman Golf Course

September 20, 2007

GIRLS Place Name School Time

1st Lane McConville SW 17:23

2nd Gabby Mullanix DCS 17:31

3rd Cara Kunnemann CC 18:24

4th Jobi Hasenauer Maywood 18:29

5th Cathy Paulsen Arapahoe 18:31

6th Shayna Allberry NPSP 18:32

7th Emily Ringleman CC 18:41

8th Katherine Daugaard CC 18:44

9th Brooke Poppe Perkins 18:46

10th Danielle Carpenter Cambridge 18:51

11th Laurie Kroeker Perkins 18:55

12th Julia Klinkebiel Cambridge 19:30

13th Becka Jesen NPSP 19:33

14th Hanna Stroup DCS 19:43

15th Brandi Confer DCS 19:50

16th Kristi Rickett Sutherland 19:59

17th Ashley Beall DCS 20:06

18th Hope Scott Arapahoe 20:08

19th Elisa Carlson Perkins 20:19

20th Julie Gates SW 20:28

21st Katelyn Sughroue SW 20:28

22nd Jessica Buhrman NPSP 20:28

23rd Whitney Messersmith Maywood 20:52

24th Cassie Starks DCS 21:00

25th Marnee Roundtree DCSJV 21:01

26th Marissa Castillo DCS 21:02

27th Britni Rosenfelt DCSJV 21:08

28th Emma Fulton CC 21:09

29th Shalee Roundtree DCSJV 21:13

30th Caitlyn Tangeman Arapahoe 21:23

31st Kiarra Ochs NPSP 21:33

32nd Erin Dobesh NPSP 21:41

33rd Joanna Wurst Perkins 21:42

34th Hedi Mues Arapahoe 21:54

35th Katie Strand CC 21:55

36th Courtney Pierson DCSJV 21:56

37th Taylor Salas SW 21:57

38th Juliana Johnson Perkins 22:10

39th Angie Gibbons Perkins 22:13

40th Lanay Esch SW 22:16

41st Julie Bazan Perkins 22:17

42nd Nicole Swanson DCSJV 22:18

43rd Bekah Krause Perkins JV 22:22

44th Leslie Beall DCSJV 22:26

45th Halley Faulhaber NPSPJV 22:34

46th Jennifer Milhon SW 22:41

47th Amber Kutnink Cambridge 22:42

48th Leslie Burrell DCSJV 22:56

49th Kim Ellicott SWJV 23:01

50th Amanda Rehbein DCSJV 23:11

51st Elizabeth Sandberg DCSJV 23:18

52nd Kelsie Johnson Sutherland 23:34

53rd Abby Bonta NPSP 23:35

54th Jenna Carfiled SWJV 23:40

55th Meesha Martinez Sutherland 24:19:00

56th Veronica Martinez Sutherland 24:42:00

57th Michelle Brodd SWJV 25:11:00

58th Laura Terryberry CC 25:22:00

59th Jesi Nelms Sutherland 25:29:00

60th Emily Fischer Maywood 25:40:00

61st Jillana Edwards DCSJV 26:16:00

62nd Kayla Chambers Arapahoe 27:55:00

Girls Team Placing

1st Chase County 38

2nd Dundy County 39

3rd NPSP 58

4th Perkins 59

5th Southwest 65

6th Arapahoe 69

7th Sutherland 120

BOYS Place Name Team Time

1st Jared Shillington DCS 17:51

2nd Brandon Shirkey DCS 18:03

3rd Ryan Hazen Maywood 18:35

4th Drew Mayer Perkins 19:06

5th Josh Wall Perkins 19:08

6th Brad Mayer Perkins 19:09

7th Ryan Pankonin Perkins 19:15

8th Kyle Thomas DCS 19:16

9th Preston Bernhardt CC 19:21

10th Brian Custer Cambridge 19:32

11th Thomas McHale Cambridge 19:45

12th Tyler Talbott CC 19:46

13th Brandon Craddock DCS 20:00

14th Kevin Barnhard CC 20:02

15th Todd Lewandowski NPSP 20:12

16th Kyle Bottom CC 20:47

17th Drew Cramer Cambridge 20:54

18th Zack Richards NPSP 21:19

19th Grant Jones DCS 21:23

20th Alec Spady CC 21:29

21st Cole Crider CCJV 21:30

22nd Tanner Nelson DCS 21:38

23rd Tayler Staggs Sutherland 21:48

24th Murphy Lierley Perkins 21:51

25th Seth Lampmann Perkins JV 21:53

26th Gage Jensen Perkins JV 22:01

27th Josh Sexson Perkins 22:03

28th Tom Sullivan CC 22:04

29th Michael Stapleton Arapahoe 22:05

30th Sam Clark Sutherland 22:07

31st Edgar Alamanza CCJV 22:30

32nd Zach Starks DCSJV 22:32

33rd Ben Harrison NPSP 22:57

34th Terry Mowry Cambridge 23:13

35th Tanner Dodson NPSP 23:17

36th Doug Malchow Cambridge 23:20

37th Robert Blume SW 23:24

38th Brian Krajewski Perkins JV 23:54

39th Jared Beam Sutherland 23:54

40th Ridge Neal Maywood 23:55:00

41st Tim Rickett Sutherland 24:07:00

42nd Drew Curtis PerkinsJV 24:08:00

43rd Henry Henderson Sutherland JV 24:23:00

44th Parker Loomis Arapahoe 24:39:00

45th Sean Preston DCSJV 24:40:00

46th Jordan Greenwood NPSP 25:10:00

47th Joe Boyle Sutherland 25:19:00

48th Logan Simmerman Sutherland JV 26:33:00

49th Franky Vieyra Sutherland 26:47:00

50th Weston Stokey Sutherland JV 26:59:00

51st Mitch Doxon Maywood 27:40:00

52nd Jordan Beam Sutherland JV 28:35:00

53rd Damien Strackbein Sutherland JV 32:53:00

54th Jay Hongsermeier Sutherland JV 42:17:00

Boys Team Placings

1st Perkins County 18

2nd Dundy County 22

3rd Chase County 47

4th Cambridge 62

5th NPSP 85

6th Sutherland 107

Hill City Invitational -- Decatur Community (Oberlin) cross country runners competed in the Hill City Invitational Thursday.

The Red Devil boys finished 10th with Andrew Richards placing seventh.

"It was nice having Andrew Richards and Chris Larson back in the lineup," said Oberlin Coach Dick Ahlberg. "Jacob Helm ran a nice competitive race."

Ness City won the boys title, Norton was second and Osborne took third.

Osborne won the girls team scoring, with Colby coming in second and Norton taking third. Hoxie finished fourth overall and Oakley was fifth.

Gage Reichert led the Oberlin JV boys, finishing 11th and Tim Larson was 17th.

The girls were led by Becky Helm, who finished 27th and Kayla Zodrowa followed in 29th.

The Red Devils host the 40th annual Oberlin invitational Tuesday at the Oberlin County Club.

Boys team scores -- Ness City 62, Norton 67, Osborne 97, Colby 132, Hill City 138, Quinter 142, Victoria 185, Wheatland 195, Trego 204, Oberlin 230, Stockton 279, Phillipsburg 291.

Oberlin varsity scoring -- 7.Andrew Richards 19:20; 56.Nolan Wasson 22:33; 65.Jacob Helm 23:02; 66.Chris Larson 23:12; 67.Cole May 23:16; 77.Christian Rittmann 24:33; 79.Dalton Paul 24:54.

Oberlin JV scoring -- 11.Gage Reichert 23:23; 17.Tim Larson 23:57; 21.Jeffrey Isbell 24:12; 26.Gatlin Reichert 24:51; 28.Chenaniah Langness 25:06; 33.Jay Wessel 25:50; 37.Andy Dempewolf 26:24; 59.Cody Haas 28:31.

Oberlin girls -- 27.Becky Helm 20:18; 29.Kayal Zodrow 20:22; 46.Bret Ashley 25:17; 50.Rory Wendelin 27:18.

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