Taking the blame/credit for snow

Friday, January 5, 2007

Ten items or less:

nIf I had a dime for every time I have been asked during the past week if this was enough snow for me, I could buy a round of hot chocolate for my entire family. Since it's no small secret that I love snow, I have to admit that I love the recent snowfall we received.

Of course, that is easy for me to say since I have electricity, since I have a four-wheel drive vehicle to get through the snow, since I have a furry, fluffy yak which looks cool standing in a three-foot snow drift and I can feed him without wading through a 15-foot snow drift.

With the arrival of all the snow and ice last month, my kids, like many other younger students, were torn about the decision to cancel school prior to the Christmas break. While they were excited about the prospect of snow days, it also meant missing Christmas parties and present exchanges scheduled for those final days before the winter break. As something which only happens once a year, that's like asking a six-year-old to skip his birthday party this year just so he can sleep in a few extra days.

They needn't have worried since the parties were merely postponed until after the winter break and they still received those extra days off.

nFinally. My Christmas shopping for this past year is done.

With the earlier than planned Christmas break for most area schools, parents may have missed getting presents to the teachers and presents to school for student gift exchanges.

I had nearly all my presents for school-related functions bought before the recent winter storms, but many of those gifts sat around the house over the two-week break.

A wrapped, unattended present doesn't last long in my house, even if it is "hidden" in a backpack, ready for the return to school.

On the last day of winter break, my Christmas shopping was completed so my kids could return to school with student and teacher presents in hand. Now, I can officially start shopping for next year's Christmas gifts.

nSpeaking of shopping, a bill has already been proposed in the Nebraska Legislature for a sales-tax free holiday.

Similar to a law already in place in Iowa, the holiday usually happens during the school-shopping season at the end of summer. It lifts the collection of sales tax on certain school-related items such as clothing, shoes and backpacks, providing a financial boost to parents performing the annual back-to-school ritual.

I've been in Iowa once during this weekend and people take advantage of the holiday en masse. If Nebraska were to enact a similar proposal, I'd be thrilled. And everyone would be receiving backpacks for Christmas next year.

n07, 07, 07 It's 2007, not 2006. Once again, it will take until March to get that straight.

**-- Ronda Graff has piles of shoveled snow piled so high in her yard, the snow should last until April.

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