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McCook Gazette Newsboy

The Gazette has been serving McCook and the Golden Plains of Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas since 1911. The newspaper was founded by Harry Strunk and a partner, Burris Stewart. Apparently depressed over additional debt and family problems, Mr. Stewart committed suicide on the day the second issue was printed.

Mr. Strunk, only 19 at the time of the Gazette's origin, persevered in the face of adversity and continued to serve as the newspaper's publisher until his death in 1960.

First known as the Red Willow County Gazette, the newspaper started as a weekly and evolved into a semi-weekly and tri-weekly publication before becoming a daily in 1924. Five years later, in 1929, the Gazette became the first newspaper in the world to be regularly delivered by airplane. Called "The Newsboy," the plane dropped newspapers in area towns for several months before being damaged in a windstorm and taken out of service.

Save energy during summertime heat (06/10/15)
After an unusually mild and wet spring -- McCook is .9 of an inch ahead of normal precip -- we've moved right into summer-type weather, hitting 96 degrees about 7 p.m. Tuesday. There are alternatives to sweating through the summer or eating peanut butter sandwiches to be able afford paying your electric bill, according to the Nebraska Public Power District...
DARPA contest could bring robots to a fire near you (10/25/12)
NASA fans like to point out the many products originating in the space effort, from felt-tip pens to miniaturization in electronics and satellite television. But perhaps even more breakthroughs can trace their origins back to military efforts, from jet engines to atomic power to the interstate highway system to the Internet...
Comments? (01/21/10)
If you have a memory of the "Newsboy" or any Gazette history, we'd love to hear it!
Historic Envelopes Up For Auction (11/12/09)
Harry Strunk receives a miracle (11/09/09)
Harry Strunk was not outwardly a religious man. Yet he readily admitted that he had been the recipient of events that, if not miracles, were beyond the ordinary. Harry's miracles usually came as an inspiration that came to him in a moment of contemplation. Then he worked like the very dickens to see that his inspiration turned into reality...
Return flight: McCook man wants to bring "Newsboy" back to home town (07/14/09)
A McCook man wants to bring "The Newsboy" back to McCook. Gene E. Morris proposed to the board of directors of the High Plains Historical Society Thursday morning that the Curtiss Robin C-1 airplane that the McCook Daily Gazette used in 1929 and 1930 to deliver newspapers -- writing aviation and journalism history -- be returned to McCook...
'News Boy' pilot was aviation pioneer (12/27/08)
A series of news stories in the Gazette last summer about early aviation in McCook fascinated the two surviving daughters of Steve Tuttle, the pilot of the "Newsboy" airplane that the Daily Gazette used in 1929 and 1930 as the first newspaper in the world to deliver its daily paper by air...
The McCook Daily Gazette's 'Newsboy' (09/17/07)
Harry Strunk was impatient, as a boy and as a man. When he was only 14, growing up in Pawnee City, he was forced to quit school and go to work. The work he found was as a "Printer's Devil" for the local newspaper, for the weekly wage of $2. His striving to better himself led him to jobs in print shops in Fairbury, Pohattan Kan., and by the time he was 17, to Norton, where he became shop foreman at the Norton Daily Telegram, in charge of 10 typesetters...