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Climate Change: An age-old religion

Thursday, September 14, 2023

We can all agree the climate changes. We call this the change of seasons and they happen every year, to one degree or another. We can expect cold and snow in the winter, heat and severe thunderstorms in the summer and a wider variety of weather in the spring and fall. Some things rarely change yet many whip up a frenzy when natural disasters inevitably occur.

I remember in the '70s when the “New Ice Age” was being heralded by major news outlets. In August of 1976 the New York Times warned, the “earth may be headed for another ice age.” They were just catching up to the National Science Board who had announced about this possible new ice age back in 1974. Well, here I am, my house is not encased in ice, I don’t have to wear a parka wherever I go all the year around and I don’t have a dog sled team. I survived the great Ice Age Hysteria of the ’70s. Not to brag, but I’ve also survived the Acid Rain Delirium a few years later and the Hole in the Ozone Frenzy of the ‘90s.

It seems the climate hystericists are asking, “What can we do to effect better weather?” This was a question which the ancient pagans asked and they came up with some innovative answers. Some sacrificed virgins or children. Modern Climate Change theologians desire many more people be sent to the sacrificial altar, complaining loudly that our planet of over 7 billion people needs to be trimmed to be sustainable. Now some would say children are a blessing and that we should, “be fruitful and multiply”. Environmentalist David Foreman disagrees, saying, “I believe that human population is the fundamental problem on earth today and we humans have become a disease, the human pox.” He believed the sustainable population for the earth is about 100 million and he thought diseases like AIDS and others were a necessary thing to control population.

Modern environmentalism is just paganism 2.0, worshiping nature and the creation. Foreman even admits this, “It’s a form of worship towards the earth,” concerning his extreme environmental actions and propaganda. Climate change hysteria and environmental extremism are not benign, harmless ideas. They are another ideology, a religion with its own worship. Humans are seen as the great sin and nature is worshiped. There are priests, rituals and even indulgences/payments, such as the “carbon credit” system which has been implemented in many Western nations. This system of indulgences/payments is for the vile sinner who has angered the pagan priests and their “god”. By paying this carbon credit the sinner is absolved, the priests are enriched and the “god” is appeased.

One of Barack Obama’s former henchmen once said, echoing Winston Churchill, “You never want a serious crisis to go waste.” What he meant was that crises provided the ability to do things that could not be done when people are thinking normally and clearly. It is this mindset which the high priests of climate change remember whenever a natural disaster happens. This was done this last summer with the most recent heat wave. What was not pointed out was that decades ago there was a 15-day straight span in Nebraska where the temperature reached over 100 degrees. We didn’t approach that this summer and we hopefully won’t anytime soon. Heat, drought and flooding are a natural cycle in this area and we don’t control the weather. Likewise, there is no long-term data to suggest, as the climate alarmists like to do, that hurricane activity happens more often and is now worse than ever. In one recent four-year stretch the United States only had six major hurricanes, two less than we had in 1950 alone!

Alright, so let’s put the brakes on this climate paganism before we start sacrificing babies! Oh, sorry, the left already does that in alarming and shameful numbers. They believe that abortion is a necessity if we take global warming/climate change seriously. “The negative health and economic effects likely to be caused by striking down abortion rights and limiting access to reproductive care will be greatly exacerbated by climate change,” says Khalil Shahyd, Managing Director of Environmental and Equity Strategies at the Environment, Equity, and Justice Center. Child sacrifice is already a ritual/sacrament of the Climate crazies and we must work to stop them in their anti-human quest.

The progress of our nation is not to be found among the environmental/climate regressives. They seemingly watch every weather event like a coven of witches and try to conjure any meaning they can from how the leaves are scattered. A bad storm can’t just be a bad storm but it is a curse from their gods and we must throw down the chicken bones and bat ears to discern our sin. Just as we can trust the snow to fall in January and heat to rise in July, we can and will progress past this superstition.

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