Latest and best from bowling league in McCook

Thursday, January 13, 2022

McCOOK, Neb. ó The second half of Menís Bowling League began with Sam Mueller and Todd Sitzman both rising like stars to more than 50 pins above their game averages.

Deveny Motors won both scratch divisions though TJís Family Fun maintains its overall lead.

Menís Major

TJís Family Fun 314.5-222.5

Deveny Motors 294.5-244.5

Burton Well Drilling 283-257

Maris General Con. 283-257

Stockmanís Feed 276-263

Fullmomentum 275-265

Glass Express 258.5-273.5

Five Loners 239.5-299.5

Quality Irrigation 232.5-299.5

Diamond Vogel 221.5-318.5

Top scores


Scratch games: Deveny Motors 1017, Stockmanís Feed 974, TJís Family Fun Center 958. Handicap games: Stockmanís Feed 1227, Fullmomentum 1209, Diamond Vogel 1181. Scratch series: Deveny Motors 2898, TJís Family Fun Center 2714, Quality Irrigation 2585. Handicap series: Fullmomentum 3469, Deveny Motors 3384, Maris General Construction 3376.


Scratch games: Brad Lewis 246, Jerry Ruzicka 242, Jason Hoppe 238. Scratch series: Brad Lewis 688, Jason Hoppe 673, Ben Howard 636. Handicap games: Jason Hauxwell 279, Sam Mueller 274, Todd Sitzman 273. Handicap series: Brad Lewis 751, Michele Lewis 725, Jason Hoppe 721.

Weekly over


Games: Jason Hauxwell +57, Sam Mueller +52, Todd Sitzman +51. Series: Brad Lewis +79, Michele Lewis +65, Jason Hoppe +49.


high averages

Jeremy Lytle 217.69, Jason Hoppe 209.98, Brad Lewis 205.29.High match points: Dave Vigneur 31, Brad Lewis 30.5, Art Skinner 30.

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