City reports $10.5M in construction

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

McCOOK, Neb. The City of McCook finished 2021 with $10.5 million in new construction, plumbing and mechanical.

Of that amount, $8.02 million was inside city limits and $2.50 million outside, according to the City of McCook monthly permit report.

New commercial construction inside city limits in December totaled $120,000 and outside city limits, $420,000.

Other construction in December, inside city limits, included: signs, one, $4,620; other (roofing/decks), five, $85,004; fences, one, $1,400; permits, no charge, $1,800; sewer tap, one, $3,000.

There was one mechanical at $40,000. Total new construction, plumbing/mechanical, inside and outside city limits in December, came to $675,824.

The city collected a total of $24,729 in permit fees in 2021.

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