Employees recognized with Merle Jane Harpst awards

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Licensed award winner Dixie Jauken is pictured with Mark Harpst, grandson of the late Merle Harpst. Courtesy color

Tri Valley Health Systems

CAMBRIDGE, Neb. — The prestigious Tri Valley Medical Foundation annual Merle Jane Harpst Awards were presented to one licensed and one non-licensed Tri Valley Health System employee at a recognition event held at Tri Valley Health System on Feb. 17. The award is presented by the Tri Valley Medical Foundation and was established in 1998 to honor the late Merle Jane Harpst and her 20 plus years as an employee and administrator at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and Tri Valley Health System.

Each year employees are asked to nominate their co-workers that “follow the guiding principles that Merle lived and worked by.” The criterion for this award is an individual that sets an outstanding example of caring service for residents, patients, or fellow employees. Recipients of the award each received a monetary gift and a plaque in appreciation.

Mark Harpst, grandson of the late Merle Harpst, with non-licensed winner Jolene Miller. Courtesy photo

This year’s winner for the non-licensed Harpst Award is Jolene Miller. Jolene works as Executive Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator and has worked at Tri Valley Health System for almost two years. Part of Jolene’s nomination from his peers read, “Jolene is always willing to help out wherever needed and is very dedicated to Tri Valley Health System. She has improved the marketing and is creative with new ways to promote us. She had a dream for The Pulse, and it reaches more households each time that it is published. She will help out with activities around the facility and area towns. She is willing to take on any task that she is asked even if she is working on something else. She always takes the time to help. She is appreciated in more ways than she knows and truly deserves this award and recognition.”

The non-licensed nominees included: Tara Anderson, Julie Schultz, Mackenzie Crowder, Celia Nelson, Mallory Palmer, Jolene Miller, Kelsey Landreth, Deb Houghtelling, and Twila Tyan.

This year’s winner for the licensed Harpst Award is Dixie Jauken, RN. Dixie has been an RN at Tri Valley Health System for 27 total years. Dixie received several nominations from her peers. Part of Dixie’s nominations read, “I’ve been the recipient of Dixie’s care and compassion as a family member more than once.  She not only gives the highest level of care to her patients.  But takes the time to make sure family members and caregivers are comfortable and at ease with what is going on.  I understand with the extra workload during this pandemic it is not always easy to take extra time for family members of patients.  Dixie touches the lives of her patients in a personal way. I feel that Dixie is the epitome of Tri Valley’s mission statement with improving the lives she touches by providing care of the highest quality throughout life’s journey.”

“I give my highest recommendation possible to Dixie Jauken, RN for the Merle Harpst award. Not only is she extremely dedicated to caring for others, she is dedicated to being a Tri Valley employee as revealed in her length of service. Dixie is an advocate for patients that are either unable to advocate for themselves due to communication issues or even if they just don’t have the courage to do so. She is always looking out for the patient and their best interest. Not only does she care about the patients, but she cares very deeply for her co-workers and often refers to them as her “family”. Dixie is willing to pitch in where help is needed. She comes in extra when needed or someone is sick. Dixie is almost always here when a trauma is paged out even though she lives 15 minutes away and she is usually one of the first ones here. Her patients love her and her energetic personality. Dixie is exceptionally gifted at making her patients feel comfortable and maintaining a positive atmosphere. I think Dixie is a great asset to Tri Valley Health System and she deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication.”

“Dixie is a great nurse and is dedicated to helping her patients get well. She has a very caring and giving heart. Dixie is the type of nurse that when you walk in and see a full house and a busy ER, and you see Dixie is working you know it is going to be OK because “Dixie” is working. Dixie can comfort a small child receiving stitches, assist with bringing a new baby into the world, and hold the hand of an elderly patient at the end of their life all in a day’s work. She handles each situation with ease and skill. Dixie is a great nurse always willing to step up when needed for and extra shift, on call shift, or to trade a shift with a co-worker to help then out. She is very dedicated to her Tri Valley Health System family and all their patients. She is a great nurse and asset to our facility.”

The licensed nominees included: Clay Jordan, Jeri Powell, Dixie Jauken, and Dr. Shiuvaun Jaeger.

The selection committee was comprised of a member of the Harpst family, TVHS CEO Jessica Fisher, the previous year’s Merle Harpst Award winners, HR Manager Helena Perks, and members of the Tri Valley Medical Foundation board.

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