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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

So former Vice President Joe Biden, in attempting to become the next USofA President, has made his choice for a running mate. The Democrat’s choice Senator Kamala Harris. I offer no comment as to her qualifications. Anyhow her name Kamala is preferably not pronounced as it appears to be spelled. For the past year or so she has been referred to as cam-a-la for Kamala by nearly everyone who spoke on TV. Evidently though the proper pronunciation is comma-la for Kamala.

I’ve been impressed with the overnight switch in pronunciation from cam-a-la to her preferred comma-la. The next day after the announcement of her to be the choice of Joe Biden’s running mate everyone on TV got the memo it is comma-la for Kamala. Impressive. Well nearly everyone as Judge Jeanne refused to change and spoke, I thought, a rather disrespectful cam-a-la all evening long on her Saturday show. Two days later it seems that all the conservative leaning commentators are back to the cam-a-la version. Ah politics in today’s world.

Grannie Annie and this old guy enjoyed a really nice evening at Camp Comeca last Saturday. Comeca is now an independent nondenominational church camp. It is really embraced by the people of Cozad and surrounding community. Actually now children from a 100 mile circle are more than welcome no matter their church affiliation if any. Now we all “own it” and all, young to old, are welcome to do faith based seminars, family gatherings or yes summer church camps for our youth.

For those who perhaps have never been to the place it sits on top of the bluffs on the south rim of the of the Platte River valley. Look to the north and the verdant Platte valley extends for miles and miles in all directions. Look to the south and one can spot the series of small lakes created when the Tri-County Irrigation project was dug by giant steam shovels. Benefactors from the Cozad community have donated a building containing a full sized gymnasium and a near Olympic sized year around swimming pool. For accommodations there is a two story typical motel type building plus a series of smaller bare bones cabins.

A swimming beach, chapels indoor and outdoor, meeting rooms, a large commercial kitchen and dining room plus more. It is enchanting to walk the trails through near forests to a high inspirational Christian cross or down to a canyon rope line.

Since taking possession this summer the Cozad Camps Foundation has installed a board of directors consisting of the movers and shakers in the area and secured a foundation to furnish operating capital year around. Since we had been there last the grass has been neatly trimmed, all buildings are painted and looking sharp. The occasion for us Saturday was the annual fund raising barbecue—it used to be called the buffalo barbeque. The high priced bison meat has been replaced with overly generous amounts of barbecued ribs, chicken, brisket or a combination. The food was wonderfully done and put together just right. The whole place was swarming with volunteers all organized and attending to a large number of visitors dining at socially distanced tables placed outside on a large lawn area. A musical combo performed and it was a perfect evening weather wise. Pretty fantastic and well worth the trip. Remember you too are welcome next year.

For a closer to home outing go visit McCook’s very own historical site the retirement home of famed Senator George Norris. The house is restored to just how it was when Senator George and Ellie Norris lived there until their deaths in the late 1940’s. It is complete to their very own straight eight 1937 Buick and yes it still runs.

The Norris home sits on the west side of Norris Avenue just across from Norris Park in McCook. Dawna Bates is the curator and it is open from 1:00 P.M. on Wed through Saturday each week. Dawna entertains the home school associations on one Wednesday afternoon each month when school is held. She also schedules a quilt show each year and a series of other special events throughout the year

The George Norris home is owned and managed by History Nebraska and membership will get you in free to all their sites in the State. Your columnist and wife have been members for years. Actually all are welcome into the Norris Home and all they ask is a freewill donation or not. No matter you are all are encouraged to come in and see how your grandparents lived shortly after Senator Norris’s TVA project made possible rural electrification throughout the Unites State. Norris also helped create the unicameral legislature the most efficient state government in the U.S. Actually the site is ours and your presence, the all-important visitor count, will insure that it stays open to the public to examine and learn of our roots in this wonderful place where we are lucky to live.

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail

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