When kids ran free before corona

Friday, May 22, 2020

McCOOK, Neb. — More grade school track-field champions who delivered in the good old days with victories at McCook’s annual Elementary Invitational.

The 2019 second/third grade flight winners appeared Thursday:



Bean bag throw: 1. Kerene Barber.

Triple jump: 1. Brooklyn Felzien.

Frisbree throw heat one: 1. Jaydyn Pool. Heat two: 1. Braelyn Ackerman. Heat three: 1. Adalynn Nickel. Heat four: 1. Jerrica Hart.

Long jump: 1. Kassadi Porter.

Osbtacle race heat one: 1. Paige Allen. Heat two: 1. Kailee Allen.

Skipping race heat one: 1. Isabelle Crayton. Heat two: 1. Reese Leska.

Short race heat one: 1. Kerene Barber. Heat two: Zayah Schaffert.

Long race heat one: 1. Jayden Pohl. Heat two: 1. Ellie Pietz.


Bean bag throw heat one: 1. Beckett Fox. Heat two: 1. Axel Metcalf. Heat three: 1. Abel Dorothy.

Triple jump: 1. Britton Blomstedt.

Frisbee throw heat one: 1. Tyler Stritt. Heat two: 1. Chandler Berry. Heat three: 1. Atlas Mason. Heat four: 1. Zayden Dorothy.

Obstacle race heat one: 1. Jaxton Beasley. Heat two: 1. Colton Hedrick. Heat three: 1. Eli Johnson. Heat four: 1. Dylan Foley. Heat five: 1. Gavin Johnson.

Skipping race heat one: 1. Beckett Fox. Heat two: Abel Dorothy.

Short race heat one: 1. Case Deveny. Heat two: 1. Jaxyn Otter.

Long race heat one: 1. Colton Foster. Heat two: 1. Tyler Stritt. Heat three: 1. Ethan Randolph. Heat four: Kole Clausen. Heat five: 1. Mason Wilcox.



Rope jump heat one: 1. Rinlee Blomstedt. Heat two: 1. Yessi Garcia.

Long jump heat one: 1. Tenlee Anderson. Heat two: 1. Madisynn Stark. Heat three: 1. Reagan Boyd.

Frisbee throw heat one: 1. Brooklyn Lattimer. Heat two: 1. Jade Judd.

Triple jump: 1. Nathan Smotherman.

Softball throw: 1. Ashley Davidson.


Rope jump: 1. Cooper Rupp.

Long jump heat one: 1. Isaac Snyder. Heat two: 1. James Blomstedt. Heat three: 1. Mathew Taylor.

Frisbee throw heat one: 1. Nathaniel Lofton. Heat two: 1. Landon Dickes. Heat three: 1. Kolten Matson.

Softball throw heat one: 1. Beau Bednar. Heat two: 1. Zabian Blake.

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