Storm damage

Monday, August 12, 2019
Roberta Blake/Courtesy photo

Strong, gusty winds embedded in thunderstorms Sunday night and early morning today damaged trees and rearranged Dale and Roberta Blake's back yard in Danbury. Roberta reported .60 of an inch of rain; additional rain reports include 1.30 at McCook and 1.77-1.80 in rural areas around Oberlin. Within the same storm system, hail stones ranging from the size of peas to golf balls, and ping pong balls at St. Francis and tennis balls at Bird City, pounded Northwest Kansas. The Goodland weather station reports power outages in Atwood, caused possibly by downed trees. Winds gusts were estimated up to 85 miles an hour blowing through Northwest Colorado at Wray just after midnight, and 68 miles an hour two miles east of McCook at 4 a.m. A storm chaser reported a brief tornado just after midnight today eight miles northwest of Parks in Dundy County. Forecasters predict the possibility of more thunderstorms Wednesday.

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