Cat Pack soliciting photos for sixth annual 'Cats and Dogs of McCook'

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Rufus P., Huckleberry and Amos Moses pose for their photo submission in the McCook Cat Pack's 2020 "Cats and Dogs of McCook" calendar.
Connie Jo Discoe/McCook Gazette

McCOOK, Neb. The McCook Cat Pack started Friday, June 7, to solicit photographs for its sixth annual "Cats and Dogs of McCook" calendar.

Since 2012, the Cat Pack's pet photo contest has raised donations of $12,341 for the McCook Humane Society.

The Cat Pack is partnering again with the humane society to raise awareness and funds benefiting the Society's animal shelter by sponsoring its annual online pet photo contest to collect photographs for the 2020 shelter calendar. The deadline to enter will be Friday, Aug. 9.

Cat Pack volunteers, from the left, Lainie Allen, Sarah Dixon and Lillian Allen finalize plans for the Cat Pack's sixth annual pet photo contest and calendar fundraiser benefiting the McCook Humane Society. The pet photo contest will determine which cat and dog will be the new 2020 "calendar cover models." All cats and dogs entered in the contest and receiving votes will be featured in the calendar.
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One hundred percent of the fundraiser's proceeds support the Southwest Nebraska/Red Willow County animal shelter in McCook.

A pet does not need to be adopted from the McCook Humane Society to enter the calendar contest.

Chloe Dixon, co-founder of the Cat Pack youth volunteers, said, "Each year, this project has been a great chance for us to support our local shelter while giving pet owners the opportunity to see their very own cat or dog grace the pages of a pet calendar, which is very cool. And the top cat and dog earning the most votes become our new calendar cover models."

The new 2020 calendars will be sold at the Art Fest in Norris Park over Heritage Days weekend in September, at fall and holiday events and at the McCook Humane Society.

Lorie Prestes, director of the McCook Humane Society, said, "For years, folks had asked for a pet-related calendar, and when the Cat Pack youth group asked me for suggestions for a fundraiser, the calendar was brought up. They stepped forward in 2012 to help us with the project, and they did such an awesome job and it was such a huge success, I asked them to consider doing this fundraiser every year."

Prestes says, "This Cat Pack youth group is amazing. They've improved the pet photo contest concept and the calendar each and every year. They're an amazing group who supports our mission to support homeless animals and find them 'furever' and loving homes."

Cat Pack members say the pet photo contest is possible because it utilizes a state-of-the-art software program developed by "GoGo Photo Contest," which supports not-for-profit animal shelters across the United States and organizations serving animal welfare causes.

Details on how to enter the 2020 pet photo contest can be accessed on the McCook Humane Society website, the McCook Cat Pack Facebook page, and weekly in the McCook Gazette weekend "Whiskers" section.

Click here to enter a pet's picture for consideration in the calendar.

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