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The unforgettable American hero Daniel Boone

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dear Editor,

James Fenimore Cooper’s “Last of the Mohicans” is a fictional story of the life of Daniel Boone.

My mother’s family were descended from Hannah Boone, the youngest sister of Daniel Boone, born in 1746 in Berks County, Pa., and died in 1828.

The Boone family were Welsh. Daniel Morgan Boone (1734-1820) was the sixth of the 12 children of Squire Boone (1696-1765) and Sarah Morgan (1700-1770)

A large memorial marker was placed and dedicated in honor of Hannah Boone at the Old Mulkey Meetinghouse Historic State Park in Tompkinsville, Kay. The family worshipped in the Old Mulkey meeting house.

Squire Boone, Daniel’s father, was born Nov. 25, 1696, in Exeter Devonshire, England (Wales). His mother, Sarah Morgan, was born Sept. 25, 17-- in Berks County, Pa.

The paternal grandparents of Daniel and Hannah Boone were George Boone (1666-1744) and Mary Milton Maugridge. They also were born in Exeter Devonshire, England (Wales).

Daniel and Hannah Boone’s family and became involved in a controversy. Israel Boone, the oldest son of Daniel and Hannah Boone, married a non-Quaker. Sarah Boone, the oldest daughter of Squire Boone and his wife, Sarah Morgan (1700-1770) also married a non-Quaker, John Wilcockson.

In 1750, Squire Boone sold his land and moved the family to North Carolina after they were expelled from the Quakers and forced to make a public apology. Daniel Boone considered himself a Christian.

As a young man, he served with the British military during the French Indian War.

In 1759, a conflict between European colonists and the Cherokee Indians. The Boones fled to Culpepper, Va. During this time, Daniel Boone served in the North Carolina Militia.

Daniel Boone supported his family by hunting wild game and selling it. Peace was made with the Cherokees. Boone looked for a new place to settle and made exploration trips. He traveled along bison trails, known as Medicine Trails.

During the American Revolutionary War, Boone joined George Rogers Clarks invasion of the Ohio Country. In 1780, he was hunting with his brother Ned. The Shawnees killed Ned (Edward) 1740-1780).

In April 1781, Boone was elected to the Virginia General Assembly. He became a legendary hero, who enjoyed reading Gulliver’s Travels and the Bible.

Helen Ruth Arnold,

Trenton, Neb.

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