The joy of small-town living

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Grannie Annie received a request for a short presentation of her Adopt a Chaplain to a group meeting in nearby Palisade, Nebraska. It was the Community Service Club having their monthly meeting in the American Legion Hall. Like most small-town gatherings food was the first item on the agenda. Food, coffee and friendly conversation. “How much rain did you get this morning?” My gage read 20 hundredths” I replied. “”Really? We measured 80 hundredths and Hayes Center received an inch twenty.” responded my new friend. Farmer talk, important, in an ag-related neighborhood.

Palisade is a short 29 miles west of McCook on Highway 6. It is easy to sail right on past but worth your while to turn right on their main street (Highway 25A) and a couple blocks north pause to explore their grand Veteran’s Memorial. It was a community effort to honor all the young persons from that area that left home to serve their country in the Military. Special honors to the memory of those who never returned. The American Legion Hall is directly across from the Veteran’s Memorial and is perhaps one of the busier enterprises in the village.

For the residents of a very small rural town with a village office, a library and a thriving electrical power center but no restaurant, no hardware or grocery store, no school, no coffee shop, no doctor, no hospital not even a bar (not sure about this one) such meetings are vital. The residents have known each for years, other check on each other’s welfare and get a chance to visit face to face. Churches serve the same vital function.

In order to keep community together, the Village Office publishes a monthly calendar to include the dates, times and locations of all the public meetings. The First Friday Community Supper, hot dogs and hamburgers, a Pancake Supper at the fire Hall, VFW Auxiliary, AmVets and Auxiliary, American Legion, Legion Auxilary along with the Village Board of Trustees, Rural Fire District Board, and Library Board Meeting are all published and attendance is welcomed.

In all honesty, there are advantages to living in such small villages. Life serving your neighbors is encouraged in our Bible and just that kind of life is the norm in a small town. Immoral behavior is discouraged because the neighbors are watching and one can’t get away with it. Neighbors and family, step up to unselfishly care for the old, the ill and the lame rather than sending them off to a dispassionate nursing home. Life in a small town can be most pleasant due to the personal touch away from the isolation one can experience in large communities. Not a bad way to go.

Finally, it is over. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate to sit as the ninth Supreme Court Judge. What a sad circus the Senate confirmation hearing has been day after day on TV. Your columnist was reminded of a temper tantrum being thrown by an undisciplined child. A child in need of being taken to the woodshed and a strong dose of discipline applied to his hind end. Of course, we can’t do that in today’s age of social correctness but we sure can vote at the ballot box next month.

Obviously, the Democrat leadership was throwing a fit and in the process attempted to destroy the good name and community standing of President Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The nominee Kavanaugh had earned a sterling record of abiding by our Constitution something that Progressives find distasteful and seem rather to prefer to have the highest court dictate legislation rather than abide by what our founding fathers created and set down in the U.S. Constitution. Another motivating factor seems to be that many, progressiveness and never Trumpers just cannot accept the fact that their favored candidate Hillary Clinton was sent out to pasture and Donald Trump whom they cannot stand was rightfully elected to fill the office of President.

It is a bit ironic that the Progressives, they are not of a liberal mindset, attempted to destroy Judge Kavanaugh by branding him as deviate when their preferred candidate has such a sorry track record in the morality department. Lie, cheat and steal she has done them all yet they love her and hate a man of sterling moral character. Hard to believe when one steps back and looks at it.

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail

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