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Stay connected ... and don't blink!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A long time ago I was introduced to a wonderful woman who took on the job of raising a child pretty much because we met at the hospital, and they wouldn’t let her leave me. Just like most of us I was the perfect child so my mother had to borrow misbehaving stories from the neighbors to tell her friends about me; If you believe that I have bridges for sale….cheap. My wonderful earth angel mom is now 94 years old and is on the senior tap dance league and is in acting classes where she lives; what an amazing person. I could go on and on about my mom.

In my own family, we have had to place several family members in nursing homes and assisted living homes in the state they live in. It is one of the hardest things family members might have to do or consider doing. There are so many sources of information that someone might seek out for which facility is good, and which one might not be up to par. My best advice is to go visit them, the government system is flawed. By the way, every single facility struggles with the same problems as the next.

Today’s nursing homes are hit with so many challenges that would make any business CEO’s head spin. The government on all levels are asking this industry to do more and more and cutting how to pay for those changes with less and less. The regulatory avalanche is staggering along with deep cuts for reimbursement is forcing a lot of facilities around the country to close their doors. How traumatic is that for the resident’s, families, staff, and communities. If you are a business owner or work for someone, imagine that business losing over 7 plus percent in profits each month multiplied over the course of a year creates some staggering figures. We in this industry are always asking our legislatures to come and visit us but unfortunately only a few take us up on the invitation. So the question still remains, how can you make laws and budgets for an industry that you know nothing about? Please get involved everyone and check out the information at: Seniors Speak NE

Hillcrest “A Caring Center” is full of life, families being involved, fun, engagement, awesome staff, love, care, understanding, compassion, sadness, encouragement, etc. We are humans taking care of humans in other words life; we are a family just like you. We come to Hillcrest “A Caring Center” every day, 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day to care for people that without us could not care for themselves. One of the greatest joys we get is when a family member would rather leave their loved one with us instead of taking them home because they know they are cared for in a loving environment. We hear every day how good we care for our family. Another joy each day is to walk the hallways and see all the family members visiting with their loved one and hearing the conversations. The stories of life over the course of generations are amazing. Children, spouses, relatives, war, survival, inventions, love-hate, acts of compassion, fear of loneliness, loss, jobs, and the list is endless. In this office alone I cannot tell you how many people have come in to cry, and laugh about life, and losing it. My heart has been broken, and many tears shed with compassion for others so many times in the past 26 years of just listening.

In the Blink of an Eye;

In the blink of an eye; I start to remember, I am not sure who took care of me or what really happened except by the stories told to me of those that were there.

In the blink of an eye I was a small child running and playing with my friends inventing things and imagining countless adventures, my race car, speeding on my tricycle then bicycle, hundreds of forts we built, pets, and the countless places I visited without leaving the neighborhood, and the list goes on, then I blinked and I was a man.

In the blink of an eye, I started school and began a life of learning. The first years were fun, and as is the norm became increasingly more difficult. I remember what would have happened if I smarted off to the teacher back then, which is not the way it is today for sure! Oh, how things have changed in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye I could not wait to grow up to get out of school and get a job to find my instant riches…..I guess I did not pay enough attention in school. I blinked an eye and went from the chalk board to college using a computer spending all my hard earned money to get a degree to get a better job. I wondered if I could work, go to school, finish my homework, have a social life, and get good grades. I blinked and I was wearing a cap and gown for the second time.

In the blink of an eye after all the other girls I liked and dated I found a women that is my earth angel. We created a family, raised three boys who are men now, did thousands of things, vacations, sports, school, and life, and by the way I blinked, and they have families of their own now where someone tells their children stories of what they were like in the blink of an eye.

I blinked an eye and I had my first car, I had a job, my own place to live. I blinked and I was in the military, then I was not. The place I lived is different, my car is different, my job is different, and I keep blinking, and things keep changing and things are different.

A once young man that was a force to be reckoned with now struggles with physical labor can’t run as fast, eat as much, drink as hard and live to tell about it, and now enjoys a nap now and then; what happened! I blinked.

At the blink of an eye, people I know that are younger, same age and older are no longer here. I have met so many people over my blink that I wonder how many are still here.

I like you, can go on and on about our lives and how fast they have gone as if it was like yesterday in the blink of an eye! The one constant for me is the good Lord above, and the hope that he grants me another lifetime of blinks until my time is done.

My thought to all of us is do not waste one moment of your life. Live your life to the fullest potential you possibly can every day. Do not waste time with people that steal your joy or waste your time. Be helpful to others at every turn. Be kind, caring, loving, compassionate, and sympathetic to others. Take time to take care of yourself. Do not create rumors or talk about your fellow humankind behind their backs, seek the truth; stop wasting your time. How in the blink of an eye will you be remembered, and then forgotten as time marches on. One day no matter where you are in the blink of your eye you will be young, middle-aged and then old. The ones that cared for us are now the ones we care for. Stay connected to each other for one day…...don’t blink

The end of your journey through life will seem like it happened in the blink of an eye.

Side note – It was pointed out to me by a very good friend that at the first read you don’t get it, read it again and again until it sinks in.


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